The queens of Canada’s Drag Race returned to the workroom after the elimination of Eve 6000. Pythia‘s commentary? It’s going to be much quieter without Eve in the building. No truer words have ever been spoken.

Amanda Brugal entered the workroom to share that the mini-challenge for the week would require the queens to paint. The queens were painting canvases, not faces, that channel their inner saboteurs. Honestly, I loved this challenge. It was fun! Icesis Couture was by far the most hilarious. Of course, she was the winner.

For the maxi-challenge, the queens would be participating in the sinners ball! The ball challenge is always a good time, but the queens had to channel three amazing categories this season: Sex, drugs, and rock n roll, ugly as sin, and a look constructed based on the 7 deadly sins. So good!

Icesis got to assign the sins, she gave greed to Synthia Kiss, sloth to Gia Metric, pride to Kendall Gender, Lust to Adriana, Envy to Kimora Amour, gluttony to Pythia, and wrath for herself. She decided to be fair when dealing out the categories.

For maybe the first time in ball history, all the queens were happy with the sin they were given. They all began constructing their looks. Everyone was intimidated by Pythia because she is so talented at constructing a garment. Everyone’s eyes were on Pythia and Icesis.

While everyone was doing makeup in the workroom, Kimora asked what everyone identifies as and what their pronouns are, which was nice! Icesis and Kendall shared that they identified as queer and Gia is non-binary and prefers they/them pronouns. Synthia gave a great analogy if we update our phones every month, why can’t we update our language to be more inclusive.

On the main stage, the judges’ panel was made up of Brooke Lynn Hytes, Brad Goreski, Amanda, and guest judge, Gigi Gorgeous! The runway was extremely strong this week, but Kimora’s slavery outfit for the ugly category was incredible. It was such a powerful moment on the runway.

There were some clear front runners this week. When it came to the judges’ critiques, those were reflected. Pythia, Icesis, and Kimora got the best critiques. In the end, Icesis won the challenge, while Kendall and Synthia fell in the bottom two.

The two besties faced off to Heaven by DJ Sammy. It was a great performance, but in the end, Synthia sashayed away.