We’re so very very close to that crown now, can you see it glistening in the distance? Now to me this season has flown by, turns out filming in ten days feels like we’ve watched it within 10 days (jk) I think this season has been a mixed bag overall I’ve really enjoyed it, besides one or two choices (eg: THAT elimination) 

But we’re back in the workroom, and we still have a top-four for what has felt like a consecutive third week. This is a strong top four, I do think the crown is swaying towards Ella V’aday or Kitty Scott Claus. For me, they’ve both got the package of all things I love in a drag queen, personality, comedy, fantastic performers, and just feel like really genuine humble people. 

We’ve got no mini-challenge, by this point of the season we get the puppets appearing but with this season it’s not been so linear. RuPaul arrives to deliver this week’s maxi challenge and it’s to write a comedy roast. The queens are asked to roast everyone from the judges, each other, and oh wait… some familiar-looking audience members. The eliminated queens are let out on a night out and will be sat in the crowd. I love it when they bring back past contestants, it of course goes down swimmingly with the queens when Ru reveals all. 

As Ella V’aday has won the most badges she gets to pick the lineup, who else got a flashback from season 2 and the lineup drama with Ellie Diamond and Lawrence Chaney. Ella did the line up how I would, Krystal Versace wanted to go first to get it out the way, her wish was commanded and she is set to open the show. 

The girls get to work on writing out their sets, pen, and paper in hand the work begins. Kitty is going into full Alyssa Edwards season 5 territory laughing to herself whilst writing her jokes. 

In the words of Farrah Moan ‘Let’s get this roast a ’cooking the roast episodes can go one way or the other. Incredibly funny and iconic or very cringe. This set for me was a success, everyone did really well and each made me laugh…some more than others. Also, does this episode already feel like it’s coming to an end? We’ve had no rehearsals with either of the judges who are both comedy icons in the UK.

Krystal didn’t do as bad as I thought she would, starting strong, a lot of it was relying on her age and beauty. Declaring that “Rupaul has complimented me on being gorgeous, young, and good at what I do.” The highlight was Rupaul interjecting saying “Not anymore.” There is nothing I love more than Ru enjoying an episode and getting involved, seeing him have fun makes the episode enjoyable, drama is subsiding which makes episodes more of a hit with the viewers.

Ella shined for me, the debate of how to pronounce Victoria Scone and asking her to knee slide into her DMs, I howled. Next up is Vanity Milan who did okay, but she just went on a downhill slope, at least she knew it and rolled with it. 

Kitty did not hold back, my favorite moments were the mistaken as a mum story on a family holiday and advising Choriza May on not having to take her name literally smelling like a Spanish sausage. Get her and Ella on a comedy roast tour asap!

This week’s runway category is: Oh My Goddess, and this runway I think is one of the best of the season. Everyone shone (pun intended) they all brought their own concept and made it their own. Krystal set the barrier high walking out in a stunning golden headpiece, say what you will but she knows how to work a runway. I don’t think Ella has looked more gorgeous, Vanity looked incredible and the gold pieces were pure gold. Of course, my favorite was Kitty, the essence of the pink fabric against the gold spoke to my soul, as a lover of all things pink the way it flowed and sat on her body was just *chef’s kiss*

For the first time in untucked, we get an oooh girl blaring siren, and it’s an emotional one. Everyone gets a message from home, Ella gets a message from her gorgeous boyfriend and cute little doggy. Kitty gets an adorable supportive message from her parents, a bit of a tearjerker for us and Kitty. Krystal receives a message from her parents and siblings, who all are most definitely twins of hers. Vanity gets a message from her gorgeous husband whose accent I’m in love with. This was an emotional untucked, it’s always so nice to see these heartwarming moments.

Back on the main stage and we see who’s about to reach the finals, this week winning Rupeter badge and spot in the finale goes to…. Ella V’day a well-deserved win. Ella really has come out as a dark horse, snatch game really does turn the competition around. Kitty is through to the finale, these two for me are the ones to beat. Either one deserves the crown.

Which of course leaves Vanity and Krystal to lipsync, this being Krystal’s first time in the bottom, and she’s riled up and ready to go. We lipsync to such a good song ‘Hallucinate’ by Dua Lipa. This season has provided some very good performances and I for one cannot wait to see these girls live. I say this everyone season but it comes to an end my black sarcastic heart wishes to let them all stay!

The sashay words are uttered and as we all thought Krystal is through to the finale, and we sadly say goodbye to Vanity. But she truly was the lip-sync assassin of this series. So that’s it everyone, our top finale. Next week’s episode looks SO fun it’s a Christmas-themed episode, my fave time of the year. We also have the eliminated ladies back again for the occasion! So bring on next Thursday, let us know who YOU want to win!

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