This season has flown by in the blink of an eye, it’s time to crown ourselves a new drag superstar. I do get sucked into the drama and fun of a final episode, it’s the hype and excitement of seeing everyone’s journeys and achievements be celebrated. The opening scenes of our final three for each one is great, it’s a reminder of how well each of them has done. I would agree that these top three are all deserving of the crown, the infamous track records all indicate that. Although Krystal Versace’s little VT didn’t feature many talking segments, mainly looks and runway, that’s what she’s brought to the competition.

We arrive in the werkroom one last time, the girls plop on the couch to discuss the previous episode and their thoughts on how their jokes were perceived. They discussed seeing the other queens, Kitty Scott Claus mocking Veronica Green for clapping back on a few which was funny. Then ‘Oh hi guys, we’ve got the eliminated queens back on the couch to give their feedback on what happened. So sad seeing Victoria Scone on the couch with her crutch. It wasn’t a drama fest, it instead was a reassurance and sisterhood moment of enjoying it and making them proud. We have to remember that since the shows wrapped, they’ve all hung out and are friends. So whatever happens tonight, don’t be that ugly troll on social media declaring robbery and theories, it’s not a good look. 

The last random scene of de-dragging, running around nude and jumping on furniture is something I shall miss. It’s bizarre, it’s dumb and I love it, watching Ella V’aday jumping on the couch made me feel like an old lady worried she’ll pull a leg or hurt herself this close to the end.

Enter the top three of the final time, and deck the halls as its christmassssss. The werkroom is decked out in the most festive attire, it’s my idea of heaven. I love Christmas, and when anyone comes to the UK during the holidays, we go in, London always looks so pretty. But enough about me promoting tourism in the UK. RuPaul pops up and says ‘Hey Sis, It’s Christmas’ which can only mean one thing, that’s right he has a new song to get into our eardrums.

The queens must write lyrics to his new single, and learn choreography with. I love this challenge, this season has provided some mixed lyrics on the past challenges. But I feel Christmas will allow the creativity to flow and have fun. Putting pen to paper the girls get writing and share what they’ve begun to write. I love Kitty’s camp humour with her knicker pulling, Ella’s bum slapping and Krystals sexxx on legsss. We don’t see the recording process, instead, we drop straight into the famous sit down chat with Ru and Michelle Visage. I do wonder whilst they chat to each queen, is the decision already made or do these chats truly decide who gets the crown?

Each queen’s chats are enjoyable and give a little more insight into their drag journey. I think we forget that Krystal is just 19, which I believe would make her the youngest queen to win in drag race herstory?

We then snap into choreography. Choreographer Jay Rivel declaring this will be the toughest group routine yet, each season that passes we get iconic finale moments. The pressure must rise each year, once again we run through this with moderate success, Krystal struggles a little with the group number. As Kitty says Krystal struggles then whips it out of the bag and shows us all.

Our final get ready mirror chat, and the girls all discuss first impressions, it’s all very lovely, I think they’ve all defied opinions particularly Ella. Throughout this competition, I feel she was a dark horse, and the snatch game propelled her into the forefront for the crown. For me it’s between Kitty and Ella, Krystal is fabulous and she’s done so well, but the other two just have that extra something for me. So here we go….are you ready for Christmas? The girls of season three are ready to jingle those bells.

‘Hey sis, it’s Christmas’ firstly this song is a bop, Rupaul does put out some good music, there I said it. It’s catchy, it’s festive and got the Christmas period started, the girls come cladded in their best saucy Santa outfits. The lyrics flowed well, of course, the line give me the crown/snatch the crown makes an appearance in two of the three verses. The stage is decorated fantastically, and who’s this oh it’s Santa’s little helpers, the eliminated queens are back again. They’ve got some well-deserved air time, and they all look so gorgeous.

They make good backing dancers in their finest Santa get up. Confetti cannon and boom….done. The single is available to purchase on iTunes and Spotify, half the proceeds will be split between two fantastic charities Children in Need and Comic Relief this time of year the BBC put on huge TV fundraisers to raise money for children in an array of unfortunate situations so this is such a great cause. 

The final category of the season is: Grand Finale Eleganza Extravaganza . First out is Ella in a jaw-dropping purple sequin gown, bow on the back and high sky hair. This look is so incredibly gorgeous. Ella is a true Christmas gift to us all, Kitty comes out as snow queen fair, again her hair is also sky hair and glamorous. I love the Cinderella Esque gown, she’s never looked so gorgeous. Krystal goes back to black decked out in gold jewellery, I really wasn’t expecting this look for some reason I expected a big gown, But this is quintessentially Krystal it’s modern, it’s young and it’s high fashion. They all brought their own style, and stayed true to till the end, I think this top three is very close and one I wouldn’t want to make. 

Whilst the judges make those final critiques the girls go back into the untucked lounge, and the eliminated queens are there to welcome them. We’ve seen them this episode just as much as our top three, and the girls all look so glamorous. Charity Kase on the other hand scared the S**t out of me, it’s more a Nightmare before Christmas but I love it. They all discuss their run on the show, their highs and lows, THAT elimination which I refuse to forget. 

I may have been a bit harsher on this season, but I promise I have enjoyed it. There was always going to be a hard comparison to season 2, which is unfair on the season 3 girls, as this season had its rocky moments but overall once again I love how it showcased British drag. One by one the eliminated girls are given their moment of strutting the runway again, some of these looks were interesting, Anubis Finch looked decadent in her gold number, I wasn’t quite sure about Veronica’s outfit. 

Before that important crowning, Ru needs to see the girls perform one final time. We get a lipsync for the crown. For me Kitty sold the performance the most, it was fun, camp and embodied emotion.

So the time has come to crown our Season three UK drag superstar and the winner is….Krystal Versace! Big congratulations to the youngest Drag Race winner, a win that I was a little surprised with. Although throughout it was clear she was favoured by Ru, I did think Ella might of pipped her to the post, however all three were incredibly deserving.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this season, I love British drag, I love the scene and our dumb sarcastic humour and references. We had some questionable moments, but that’s what makes drag race, so roll on season four. In the meantime to fill that hole remember you can watch: Canada’s Drag Race season 2 (read the rucaps by Haley here), Drag Race Italia season 1, and Rupauls Drag Race Season 14 starts soon… phew! 

What did YOU think of the winner and finale episode? Let us know below.