The queens returned to Canada’s Drag Race workroom after the disappointing elimination of Synthia Kiss. Of course, her two besties, Kendall Gender and Gia Metric were emotional about her departure. After mourning their loss, the top six got back into action.

Icesis Couture celebrated her win but not everyone thought she was deserving. Pythia was a bit upset that she lost the challenge, but Brad Goreski broke up the drama before it could really get started. He announced that this week’s mini-challenge would allow the queens to toot and boot the fashion the queens brought this season. Maybe the drama was just getting started? It was all in good fun, though.

The winner of the mini-challenge was Kendall. The queens were told that this week’s episode would be the roast of Brooke Lynn Hytes! Since Kendall won the mini-challenge, she got to put the performances in order.

Kendall put herself first, followed by Adriana, Gia, Pythia, Icesis, and Kimora Amoure. The queens got some help from Brad and guest judge, Emma Hunter, before they hit the stage. Some queens did better than others. Adriana had a hard time, while Kimora hit it out of the park during practice. My favorite part was Gia’s jokes. Nothing she said made sense and therefore, it brought me joy.

It was time for the roast. Brooke was joined by Brad, Emma, and Amanda Brugal. Kendall opened up the show and she absolutely killed it! Adriana got a few jokes in, but poor Gia and Pythia struggled. Icesis was hilarious but she went over her time! Kimora had some good jokes, but she also got a little too mean at times!

Category on the runway was dungeons and drag queens. The looks were all pretty fun, but can we talk about Pythia’s reveal? Maybe the best reveal in Drag Race herstory.

Then came the judges’ critiques. As predicted, Icesis and Kendall got high praise, while Kimora, Gia, Adriana, and Pythia had positive and negative critiques.

Finally, the judges’ shared the tops and bottoms for the week. Kimora and Gia found themselves in the bottom two, while Kendall got her first win of the season!

Gia and Kimora faced off to Get Down by b4-4. Kimora took on the character of annoying bird, but it was a bit much. Everyone was a bit confused. Even Brad asked what was happening there. Not surprisingly, Gia won the lipsync and sadly, Kimora sashayed away. She kind of shot herself in the foot. We will miss her personality!

See y’all next week as we watch the top 5 become a top 4!