The queens of Canada’s Drag Race returned to the workroom after the elimination of Kimora Amour. After taking a moment to mourn the loss of Kimora’s energy in the workroom, the remaining contestants celebrated making it to the top 5! Plus, Kendall Gender got to take in her first win!

It was a new day in the workroom and Brooke Lynn Hytes and Traci Melchor came in and asked the contestants what their loved ones would think of how they were doing. Well, they got to ask them! It was so cute to see Gia Metric and Icesis Couture talk to their moms and Adriana, Kendall, and Pythia talk to their partners. Was someone cutting onions? My eyes were leaking.

Anyway, enough of that wholesomeness. Just kidding, this week’s maxi-challenge was also wholesome. The queens were to makeover five teenagers in a queer prom style! How cute is that? Oh, not only did they have to make them over, they had to construct their outfits!

It was so cute watching the queens and the teens work together to come up with their looks. The pairings were done by Kendall and she did a wonderful job. Everyone felt like their teen was a perfect match for them!

The teens got a coaching lesson from Brooke Lynn and Kendall was jealous, she thought they should have gone to their own coaching session during episode one! It was really cute watching Brooke teach them how to walk down the runway!

After the runway coaching, the queens started putting their teens into drag. Pythia’s teen, Clover, started their own club at school to spread love and inclusivity. Adriana’s teen, Friday, fought for gender-neutral bathrooms at their school. Not everyone had the same experience. Icesis’ teen, who is transgender, had her locker set on fire. It was a heartbreaking story. She and Icesis bonded over their shared experience and Icesis promised to be there for her after the show. It was so sweet.

It was time for the queens and their new drag children to hit the runway in front of Brooke, Traci, Brad Goreski, and Mitsou. It was hard to critique these looks because it was such a cute moment. I thought everyone did a great job!

When it came to the critiques, everyone loved Icesis’ looks, but couldn’t tell the storyline. Kendall got great critiques all around, while Adriana got critiques for not having a family resemblance or storyline. Pythia got tens across the board and Gia got positive critiques. It was too hard to pick a favorite!

In the end, Pythia won the challenge, while Adriana and Icesis fell into the bottom two. They faced off to Everybody Say Love by Mitsou. Icesis got to stay, while Adriana sashayed away.

Next week, the top four queens will be reunited with the rest of the cast and somehow we will get a top three by the end of the episode! I can’t wait to see you then!