After last week’s wholesome episode of Canada’s Drag Race, the queens returned to the workroom to celebrate their place in the top 4! First, they mourned the loss of Adriana, who Icesis Couture sent home in an impressive lip sync. Then, they were able to praise Kendall Gender for her win and celebrate how far they’ve all come.

However, they didn’t let the queens get too comfortable. RuPaul made an appearance on the screen to hint at a reunion. Then, the show went straight into the reunion, hosted by Brad Goreski. In came Adriana, Beth, Eve 6000, Kimora Amour, Océane Aqua-Black, Stephanie Prince, Suki Doll, and Synthia Kiss, followed of course by the top four, Kendall, Icesis, Gia Metric, and Pythia. 

When asked if anyone was surprised by who was in the top 5, the general consensus was no. Everyone praised the top four for their talent during the season. For the most part, the reunion was cute and friendly. They addressed the issues like the sisterhood of Synthia, Kendall, and Gia, as well as Eve’s trouble throughout the competition. It was nice to see the queens reflect on their journey on the show and the relationships they’ve formed with each other. However, the best part of the reunion was the montage of Gia’s speeches they made, followed by Icesis giving a standing ovation. Truly incredible.

Following the reunion, the queens would be participating in a lip sync battle royale. They would be paired up to lip sync against one of their sisters. The two winners would be moving on to the finale, while the two losers would battle for their spot in the finale. Are you kidding me?

So, here’s how it went. The queens picked lipsticks that had a song title on it. The queens with matching lipsticks would be competing against each other. As a result, Icesis and Pythia would be facing off, and so would Gia and Kendall! 

Gia and Kendall were up first, performing to Ru’s Main Event, while Icesis and Pythia would follow suit to Born Naked. The eliminated queens got to enjoy the show from the workroom, while Brad, Traci Melchor, Amanda Brugel, and Brooke Lynn Hytes. 

First came best friends Gia and Kendall. It was a fun performance, but it seemed clear Kendall was going to win. She did a better job with the song. Then came Pythia and Icesis. This lip sync felt a bit closer in terms of who could have won, but Icesis turned it out and advanced. Finally, Pythia and Gia got one more chance to make it to the finale. They faced off to Call Me Mother. What a song, right? Again, it kind of felt like Gia was trying a bit too hard, and Pythia advanced to the final three, though it was close!

I have to say, these three were some of my favorites from the jump! What do y’all think of these final three? It’s going to be a close race!