It’s finally here, y’all! A new season of our favorite show, RuPaul’s Drag Race. The 14th season started off with a bang! We got introduced to Alyssa Hunter, Bosco, Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté, Kerri Colby, Willow Pill, June Jambalaya, and Orion Story. And guess what, that was it. We got ourselves a split premiere.

I am obsessed with this whole cast so far, what about y’all? We have drag family royalty with Kerri and Kornbread representing their famous drag dynastys. There are fun personalities in Bosco, Willow, June, and Orion. Of course, Alyssa brought a fierce opening look. What a solid group of queens to start things off!

They were forced to kick off the season with a photoshoot where the lipsync for the crown wheel. They had to serve face while being spun about. It sounded like a nightmare, but no one died. Kerri won the challenge because 1) she is not a ferret and 2) she is absolutely stunning.

RuPaul announced that this week’s challenge was a talent show! We’ve seen them done on RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars but never on the proper show! It’s the perfect way to get to know the new contestants. The queens started asking each other what they were doing for the talent show and Kornbread had them believing she was going to do competitive eating on stage. She wasn’t, but she was truly selling it.

RuPaul went around and talked with the girls one-on-one. We learned Kerri was going to be jump roping, something she took up as a kid. June was going to do African dance, drawing from her college career as a dancer. Orion planned a trailer park aerobics comedy sketch. Willow’s talent was going to be a lipsync, self-care tutorial. There was a lot going on here!

While the queens were getting ready for the performance, guest judge Lizzo popped in to meet everyone. She got everyone excited and ready for the talent show! Which was good, because the next scene was the show. Except, it started off with RuPaul lipsyncing for some reason? Whatever, we’re not complaining.

It was time for the queens to perform. Let’s be real here, this talent show was pretty good! Kornbread, Kerri, and Willow stood out, but it was a solid group of performances. Alyssa’s talent was a little confusing because she did not actually play the guitar, while June and Orion also struggled a bit.

On the runway, everyone looked great! Bosco stood out for me on the runway the most. I loved her look. When it came to the judges critiques, Ru, Ross Matthews, Michelle Visage, and Lizzo had a lot of love for Bosco, Kornbread, and Williow, while Alyssa, June, and Orion got the most negative critiques.

Kornbread won the challenge, while June and Orion fell into the bottom two. The queens faced off to Water Me by Lizzo. The performance was good, but there was a clear winner from the start. June stayed, while Orion’s time came to an end.

What a first episode! Next week, we get to do it all over again. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!