Here we are again, watching the second premier of season 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. This week’s episode opened with the first group reflecting on their first episode before they were promptly kicked out to bring in the new queens.

This is the episode we’ve all been waiting for. Maddy Morphosis, the first cis-gendered, straight queen to enter the workroom, made her debut. Alongside a lot of fun queens. Angeria Paris VanMicheals might have the best name in Drag Race history. Lady Camden reigns from London originally but now calls Sacramento home, an underrated city for drag in my humble opinion. DeJa Skye deserves our love and respect because she’s from Fresno. There’s a handful of dancing queens this season, like Jorgeous and Jasmine Kennedie. Last to walk into the workroom was Daya Betty, a member of Drag Race alumni Crystal Methyd‘s drag family!

Of course, the queens had to do a photoshoot with RuPaul. They had to go inside a giant bowl of Tic Tacs for the photo. The photos looked great and everything was fun until Maddy discovered Santino Rice‘s hat. Remember him? Gone but never forgotten. When all was said and done, Angeria had the best photo and won the challenge!

For the first main challenge, you’ll never believe it, they are doing a talent show. Before they got into that, they all talked with Ru. Angeria shared that she got her name from someone in college named Angera, but added an I to make it special. Daya Betty got her name because she is diabetic. Ru put Maddy on the spot and revealed that he is a straight man, which he hadn’t shared with the class just yet. No one seemed to care, though.

As the queens were getting into drag, Alicia Keys pulled an Alyssa Edwards All Stars 2 mirror moment. She met the queens through the mirror, but she gave them some inspirational words to take on the main stage with them. It was cute!

It was time for the queens to show off their talents. I must say, compared to last week, this talent show was a little lackluster. Several queens lip-synced, which is great of course, but I was hoping to see more variety. The other numbers, like Maddy’s guitar playing and DeJa’s cheerleading, just fell a bit flat. No one was horrible, but it wasn’t as exciting as last week’s. Angeria’s performance was the most fun, at least I thought.

For the runway, the queens were to show off a signature drag look. Everyone looked beautiful! Maddy’s look was creative and Angie couldn’t have looked more stunning. The runway was definitely strong.

When it came time to judge, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and Alicia Keys. In the end, Angie won the challenge while Daya and DeJa found themselves in the bottom two. The queens faced off to Falling by Alicia Keys. Both queens were strong, but in the end DeJa stayed while Daya sashayed away.