Three episodes in and we finally got to see the full cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race together at last! The episode kicked off with the queens from the second premiere cleaning off the mirror when Alicia Keys chimed in to let them know the rest of the competition was there. They turned around and there was the rest of the cast.

They didn’t waste much time. RuPaul entered the workroom to reveal that Orion Story and Daya Betty were back! They were getting a second chance in the competition. There was a catch though. The queens would be getting a chocolate bar each. There was one chocolate bar that had a golden ticket. The queen who has the golden ticket can use it to save herself if she is told to sashay away after a lipsync. I know it’s confusing, but think Willy Wonka.

For the maxi-challenge, the queens would be split into their original groups for two balls. They would be serving different looks. Group one would be making animal print-themed looks, while the second group was assigned red, white, and blue. There was a clear winning group here, but I’m going to leave my opinions to myself.

As the queens were crafting their looks, Bosco and Kornbread Jete talked to Maddy Morphosis about his sexuality. Turns out, he has a girlfriend who met him when he was in drag, which is so cool. The queens were super supportive and it’s cute to see them all getting along so well. At least for now.

Of course, a few queens were struggling with the sewing. Kerri Colby and June Jambalaya were especially struggling, but Jasmine Kennedie was there to help. Everyone was getting a kick out of Kerri modeling her look, especially me.

Things got weird when the queens discovered this giant dragonfly. So, of course, Kornbread offered Daya a thousand dollars to eat it. She did it like it was nothing. It quickly transitioned from a funny moment to Kornbread helping Williow Pill because of her health issues. In this household we stan Kornbread. Plus, she thought Daya’s name was “Diabetica,” so there’s that.

As the queens were getting into drag, Orion opened up about losing her mom to suicide and bringing inspiration from her into her look for the runway. The conversation continued to stay heavy as Kerri and Kornbread opened up about not having acceptance from their families as transgender women. All of these stories were truly heartbreaking.

On the main stage, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and Christine Chiu. I was impressed by the ball looks. While a few of the queens fell short, no one messed it horribly, so there’s that.

The judges had some feelings, believe it or not. Alyssa Hunter, Bosco, Kerri, Lady Camden, Daya, and DeJa Skye were safe. The tops for the week were clearly Willow, Angeria Paris VanMichaels, and Jorgeous, while the bottoms were clearly Orion Story, June, and Maddy.

In the end, Willow won the challenge, which was great, while Maddy and June fell into the bottom two. They faced off to I Love It by Kylie Monogue. The performance was a lot of fun. Both queens brought great energy. In the end, Maddy stayed while June got to open her chocolate bar to find out if she was going home or staying. She did not have the golden ticket, so she sashayed away.