but What If…

So holy shit. A lot to unpack and I still need to rush to YouTube to catch all the dissections!

We see Strange in repeated scenes where its just all messed up. All of it. Everything. We see glimpses of America Chavez in all the chaos, and then we see Wong show up keeping it real with Strange. Wong’s pretty much like “Man, you can’t keep trippin” and Strange, well he gonna Strange. He uses the “fuck around and find out” scientific method.

Wong narrates a bit for us and gives us a sense of danger as he reveals we don’t know what is coming through these rifts that have been created trying to help this pesky teenager.

Enter Scarlet Witch, enter a big ass cloud…then Baron Mordo pops back in and we see Strange appear to be detained or under arrest. Ultron looking bots flank each side as he is escorted into a room, looks to be a council, I’m assuming Illuminati. The suddenly we hear “we should tell him the truth” and the voice sounds 100% like Professor X!

As I continue to mark out over the possibility of Mutants in the MCU, we see more and more glimpses. From what appears to be Captain Marvel at one point, to a renamed Shuma Gorath in the middle of the streets.

There’s a scene with Wanda coming face to face with herself, which I’m curious how that plays out as she is a Nexus being, so she should remain constant across all realities.

I could keep going, this looks nuts and the tone Sam Raimi can bring should be perfect. I plan on eating way too many edibles and seeing the one day one.


Take Batman’s morals and money…boom

Oscar Isaac tears into the MCU in a little less known character role. A more underground legend in the Marvel world. Our character is a mercenary who seems to be suffering from a condition of not knowing where the hell he is or wtf he is doing sometime.

My guy Steven Grant can’t sleep, he can’t tell what is real and what is a dream. I’d imagine that’s an inconvenience at the least, Then when he just seems to be really losing it, ring ring…someone calls and they refer to him as Steven Marc. At first I’d just hang up, but she sounded like she knew him. Then again don’t all the telemarketers?

Ethan Hawke’s Dr. Arthur Harrow shows up and tells Steven there is chaos in him. that’s so generic bro, like there is 27 different kinds of chaos in me looking at a new menu, be more specific. Once he embraces the chaos from best I can tell, Ace bandages surround Steven and he just go on a murder spree.

Not much else is teased other than a Disney+ date of March 30th, but I will absolutely be there for this ride.


It’s a DC Commercial

DC spends millions reminding us they exist. In what looks like an extended CW commercial, DC tempts us to the big screen by showing teasers of others movies inside a teaser.


I would have went with “oh hell no”

Jordan Peele back at us again. We see a lady telling us about her grandfather and the history of her family in the area, this is visually accompanied by wacky inflatable arm uys…far as the eyes can see.

As they drink and dance around out in the middle of the country ass country, the skies get dark and the tone changes,

Lights appear and we see a cowboy and horse staring, horse is startled and follows a previous Peele movie where he just gets out. Lots of random imagery! So random I wonder why all the b-roll footage in the trailer!

Not sure if it’s aliens, demons, alien demons, or what, but the answer from everyone being chased by whatever is a resounding “NOPE”.

I’ll give this a shot but I think I’d rather see a movie about horse girls that come in and try their unique brand of gentrification at this ranch. i HONESTLY DON’T KNOW WHAT I JUST WATCHED!

(Editor’s Note) And finally, thank you to Panda for allowing a special guest appearance…..a Tolkien appearance if you will……by our Deputy Editor and noted Lord of the RIngs enthusiast, Spencer Williams to break down the teaser trailer for Amazon Prime’s The Rings of Powers series!


The time has come for us to return to the sprawling lands of Middle-Earth and man; it looks more beautiful than ever. That’s right; we got out the first trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power which takes place during the Second Age of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth. As far as teaser trailers go, we saw so much yet so little. The showrunners are keeping their secrets close to their chests, but here is what we do know.

First, Galadriel remains kicking ass even three thousand years before seeing Frodo set out with the one ring. Her younger character is scaling a frozen cliff and traveling through troubled oceans. Galadriel is one of my all-time favorite literary characters, so I am beyond excited to learn more about Galadriel’s life before she became the Lady of Lothlórien.

Second, the people of Middle-Earth have never looked so diverse, and I love it! It is no secret that previous directors have failed to illustrate the people of Middle-Earth in a way that represents the people who love and appreciate Tolkien’s work. I am thankful to see these showrunners finally making this right.

Third, Lord Elrond is back and looks like the new kid at your high school. We all know Elrond becomes a great, legendary leader, so I look forward to seeing his rise. Finally, it seems we just barely got a glance at some orcs. This is an essential part of the trailer for me as I am dying to know what the orcs will look like. One thing that bothered me about The Hobbit films was how heavily the orcs relied on CGI. Let’s hope we get back to the more practical effects. All in all, come this September, I will only be talking about this show, and I am READY!