Is anyone else still recovering from last week’s horrible Snatch Game? Don’t worry, RuPaul herself chose to have a special episode to punish the whole cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14. Well, everyone except for DeJa Skye, who was the only one who made Ru laugh.

Daya Betty took issue with the fact that she thought her performance was safe and thought she shouldn’t have to lipsync when queens like Jasmine Kennedie and Jorgeous have done consistently poorly. However, everyone was up for elimination this week whether we agree or not.

No one was having fun this week except for DeJa. Everyone was getting in drag to prepare for the major performance. Willow Pill prefers to make her own mixes and was worried about what songs she would have to perform. Meanwhile, Angeria Paris VanMichaels likes to “park and bark” aka stand in one spot for her performances. Bosco was the most nervous about the challenge and hard on herself for being in the position she was in. While queens like Jorgeous and Jasmine weren’t concerned after winning multiple lipsyncs.

So here’s how it all went down. DeJa got to watch from the workroom on a comfortable couch living the dream. Her fell competitors weren’t so lucky. The queens were chosen at random from pulling a ball. Jasmine was chosen first and got to select her opponent. She chose Daya, of course. However, the opponent got to choose the song. Daya chose Respect by Aretha Franklin. Whoever lost the battle would lipsync again.

The matchup between Daya and Jasmine was fierce, of course, because of their past drama. Jasmine, who is notorious for her lipsync skills, went a little too hard on a song that was more about emotion and not as much about crazy dance moves. So, Daya took home the win, and Jasmine had to face off again.

Next chosen from the vat of balls was Willow. She chose to take on Bosco because she thought she would pick the song she wanted. She picked Never Too Much by Luther Vandross, which was the song Willow wanted. This one was a close call but the judges chose Willow as the winner.

Next, Jorgeous, Angie, and Lady Camden faced off as a trio. The two queens who lost would face off again. Jorgeous got to pick the song and chose Radio by Beyoncé. DeJa described it best, it was a full-on dance recital. Of course, Ru saved Jorgeous.

The next round was between Lady Camden and Bosco. Bosco picked Don’t Let Go by En Vogue. Another close call but in the end, Camden won while Bosco was still up for elimination. Meanwhile, the safe queens were trying to get Daya to eat a fly from the comfort of the workroom.

Ok, back to the competition. It was Jasmine vs Angeria. The song was Love Don’t Cost A Thing by Jennifer Lopez. Angie brought a presence to the performance she got to stay, leaving Jasmine and Bosco to compete for the final safe spot. The final song of the night was Swept Away by Diana Ross. Jasmine’s energy didn’t match the song nearly as well as Boscos did, It wasn’t surprising when Bosco got to stay and Jasmine sashayed away. Well, not until she opened her chocolate bar, but she did not have the golden ticket so it was official, some finally went home!