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Move Over Madonna, the Frock Destroyers are here!

Do you want to break up, bye-bye! Or do you want to call them your majesty? Well, let’s get a taste of their wild world in the upcoming docuseries debuting now on WOW Presents Plus. Since their debut on season one of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, the Frock Destroyers took over the nightlife scene, which had us all singing Much Betta and Home Home Home for weeks. Shortly after the group (Baga Chipz, Blu Hydrangea, and Divina De Campo) released Frock 4 your Lyfe their debut album during the 2020 pandemic. Let’s sit down with 2/3 of the powerhouse trio, Baga and Blu (We still love you though Divina!) and talk all about THAT song, new docuseries, RPDRUK vs The World, and much more!

KB: Okay, so let’s jump in. Firstly congratulations on Drag Race UK versus the World and Blu on winning. Because this series was filmed so long ago, does it always feel weird watching it back at live viewings and seeing everyone’s reactions? Do you enjoy watching people react?

BH: Thank you so much. The series was filmed so long ago. It’s been really fun. I mean, we’ve been sitting on this for like a year or whatever. I’ve been sitting on that Pangina lipstick moment for a full year. Like, let’s see how this is going to get done on it. Yeah, it’s really fun to watch it back. I think we lived through it, so we know everything that happened in front of the camera, behind the camera. But it’s fun to see what comes out of that. And it’s always I just I think it’s one of the best seasons of Drag Race because it gives you drama, gives you a heart, gives you amazing looks, gives you personality, fan favorites you know.

BC: Thank you. 

KB: Drag Race fans are getting very hard to please and I think everyone gets so worked up on, say, the eliminations. Do you find it hard to watch back? Or do you love it? 

BC: Yeah, it was over a year ago, so I forgot half the stuff I said. And you look back and go did I say that? And I just watch it even though I dont like watching myself on the telly. Whenever I watched it back I was like oh Baga your such a div. We all know people. As I said, I’m more of a personality. So they’re making a TV show at the end of the day, and they’re like, keep her on.

KB: No, people love that. That’s why they were so excited to see you back, just to see that person back on screen. As you guys did so well on the show how would you describe your time on the show in just a few words?

BC: Pretty rough. (laughs) 

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Move Over Madonna, the Frock Destroyers are here! 13

BH: (laughing) Yeah. I would say. I don’t know, probably chaotic is my one word for the whole season because it’s just crazy. From sending Pangina Heels home to Jimbo’s elimination. 

KB: That was a big shock. I think seeing Lemon go no-one expected that I think that’s what kick-started it at all.

BH: Yeah. It had lots of chaotic moments. It also had Cheryl‘s ugly dress (laughs) it had Baga being Kathy Bates if I showed you that you’d be like, this can’t be real.

BC: Me and Blu loved our Snatch Game.

KB: So let’s move to your first season of Drag Race UK. Do you think because it was such a success, you set up such a high standard for the following seasons? As it was so well received and obviously everything that happened for you guys after, do you think that was tough for the other seasons to follow?

BC: As I said, we were just really lucky because we went into this not knowing what it was going to be like. It could have been watered-down, crap, like a knock off the American model, but not as good. And if anything, it was just as good as the American one. Probably even better. It was fresh. I think people needed a change and they see, like, raw personalities from it. We have a different sense of humor, don’t we? I was very pleased the very second I walked into the Werkroom. I was like, oh, this is going to be good. This is proper. They’ve spent the money for this season. 

KB: Do you think that’s why it was received so well by international viewers? Because everyone found it so funny and no one really knew what was going on in terms of what was being said. Slang wise. Obviously, British people would know, but the Americans were a bit lost on some of it.

BH: Yeah. I think people are used to watching American seasons where everyone takes it so seriously. And then we came in and we were all just rough around the edges and there for a good time. And I think it was full of talent, charm, and laughs. I can’t watch an episode of our season without laughing at it. It’s just a good time you know. 

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Move Over Madonna, the Frock Destroyers are here! 13

KB: Out of that came Break Up (Bye Bye), which dominated the UK scene. No one could escape it and it’s now a fan-favorite track. How does it feel for the song for you guys to blow up the way it did? Why do you think everyone reacted so well to it?

BH: Well it had Divina and Baga who were like fan favorites, obviously, which kind of helped me, I think and me too why not? I’ll put myself in it and also I think it was catchy. The song was great. We performed the hell out of it. The cock destroyers were really popular at that time, so the Frock Destroyers kind of bounced off that too. And I think if there were going to be chart-topping songs come out of any franchise progress, of course, it’s going to be the UK because the Queens from the UK are just known for singing live according to Charlie Hides. (laughs)

BC: It’s not just our voices. It’s a brilliant song and it’s really catchy. And Leland is really good at that. He writes all the drag race songs and I think that’s one of his best.

Move Over Madonna, the Frock Destroyers are here! 15

KB: Does it feel weird that people still shout your lyrics at you? Do people on the regular say you’re in the street or at the meet and greet do you get tired of people shouting the lyrics and catchphrases at you?

BC: People shout at me in supermarkets she takes it up the arse and I’m like what? Yeah, it’s either that or ‘Much better.’ That’s all I get. (laughs)

BH: (laughing) Yeah. I think whenever we’re on stage and we get to that part in the song where you know they’re going to sing it back to you. That’s just the best feeling. 

KB: I think that’s what everyone was so excited to get back into the clubs to listen to it and just remind them how fun the song is. Which leads us to your new docu-series. How’s the reaction been to the first episode, which came out on Tuesday. How did the idea to create a documentary come about?

BC: Everyone’s loved it haven’t they?

BH: Yeah, everyone has been really positive online with tweets and comments, and people watching it, they’ve all been really lovely because, I mean, it is like a little taster of UK season one. Again, we’re bringing that kind of energy back and it came about because why not? It’s a unique situation with three UK Drag Queens in a girl band recording in a pandemic. Like, you could not write that shit. Why not?

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Move Over Madonna, the Frock Destroyers are here! 13

KB: It was a really good first episode. And obviously watching it not only as a viewer but for you guys seeing season one debut and walking into the workroom. But UK DragCon, that all seems like a lifetime ago. If it wasn’t nice to like, sit down and re-watch it and just remind you of what has actually happened in the last two years.

BH: With DragCon and everything? You get to see these people in person. And then Lockdown, we couldn’t go out and we couldn’t perform in live, our bread, and butter if we’re not doing other things. And there’s nothing better than forming live and, yeah, Lockdown was a bit of a bastard for us not going.

KB: Did you take any inspiration from any other drag documentaries when you went into filming? Was there a particular vision in mind? 

BC: I just thought I was like, Madonna in bed with Madonna. (American Voice) “Oh, this is my documentary crew, like, walking down the street.” (laughs) You’ve got a big camera with you walking around everywhere. I’m doing a documentary.

Move Over Madonna, the Frock Destroyers are here! 17

BH: Documentary is definitely like a thing of its time, isn’t it? Because it’s like us during a pandemic creating a lot of self-shot footage and us wearing masks and there being barriers to the meet and greets so that we couldn’t touch the fans and stuff. Yeah, it’s going to be weird to look back on and be like, wow, these Queens really were just trying to make something joyous out of, like, a really negative situation.

KB: How did you find the creative process of recording during the pandemic especially when it came to writing your verses?  Did you find it difficult and how did you get through the pandemic?

BH: Yeah, I think for me I was trying to push myself to be as creative as possible during the pandemic, but it’s hard to do that. And I think we were all going through something during that time, obviously. Like, our careers have kind of been shafted a little bit because you can’t really see drag without the pubs. Luckily there was stuff like the recording to do. So it was nice each week to come together and go on. We would Zoom and chat with friends and during the pandemic, you’re really exhausted mentally because you’re, like, physically and creatively, so you don’t really want to be speaking to people and projecting your negativity onto them. But it was lovely each week to just have that purpose and that reason to go on and chat to your friends.

BC: Just like what Blu said. It was just good to see each person and having to literally sit in a room together because it’s so hard trying to make an album. It’s all Zoom calls.

KB: Yeah, it looked like a lot of it on that first episode. It was amazing what you could do remotely and not in person. That was quite impressive.

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Move Over Madonna, the Frock Destroyers are here! 13

BC: So we would write lyrics and then do a Zoom call and say, this is what I’ve come up with. Normally we’d all be together and it’d be like a team effort, but we got through it and we did it all online. And thank god we’re in the 2000s and not in the bloody 80s!

KB: So Blu I have a fan question from Maga from Ireland, and she wants to know do you feel that your participation on the show has opened doors to drag performers in the Northern Ireland scene?

BH: Well, I mean, it opened the doors because then hopefully I will host the drag race franchise of Ireland like Nicky Doll and the France season. Could be called Blue Poles Drag Race. (laughs) I think it’s definitely shining a light on Drag in Northern Ireland and LGBTQ+ queers and everything in Ireland because I definitely spoke about it enough. I actually watched the show growing up. 

KB: Yeah, I think that’s a good thing to see because we haven’t had any Irish Queens since your season. 

BC: Literally.

BH: Yeah. There’s so much great talent here. I’m not opening doors I don’t want to be like, oh, because she was on this. People are able to do it themselves, and I totally believe in every single one of them. I’m just glad that I got to put Northern Ireland on a bit of a pedestal for a while and bring the crown home.

KB: You did a great job highlighting it.

BH: Thank you. That was the nicest part about the crowning night was that I was able to do it in my local bar where I started my drag journey. I really felt the love from everyone. 

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Move Over Madonna, the Frock Destroyers are here! 13

KB: Baga we have a fan question for you. As you’re the most famous woman in Britain. You’ve appeared on countless TV shows. What TV show would you like to go on next? We’d love to see you on ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here.’

BC: Oh, yeah. I’d love to do the jungle. Yeah, I can see myself eating fish eyeballs and Kangaroo bollocks. (laughs) I’d love that. That’s another show that pushes the limits on it. And I have a lot of phobias. I hate bugs, I hate rats, snakes, and spiders. But, yeah, I think when I’m there, I would just do it. And then your priority is, like, conquering phobias. I’d love to do a lot of things. I’m a keen Baker. Maybe the Great British Bake Off. But obviously, my ultimate goal is Coronation Street just a little cameo, like me buying a pack of cigarettes in the corner shop.

And finally, besides the docu-series what can fans expect from the Frock Destroyers in 2022, will there be new music?

BH: Well, we’re traveling. We’re going to be in LA so we’re going to be LA DragCon and at DragCon, we’re all in a row together which is going to be very sweet! Then we’re going to travel up and down the US performing. Hopefully Eurovision in the future too (laughs)!

BC: We also have a new version of Break Up (Bye-Bye) that’s just been released. It’s a rock version and is available on streaming platforms. 

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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