The queens were back in the workroom after Bosco revealed the golden ticket that saved her from going home. She and Lady Camden patched up their issues and all was right in the world. At least for now.

RuPaul entered the workroom with a pal, Norvina of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics. Here, she shared that the queens would be painting her, but that was a lie. It was an actual mural painting challenge. They split into groups to paint the face of Ru, which was done by Jorgeous, Angeria VanMichaels, and DeJa Skye. Meanwhile, Willow Pill, Daya Betty, Camden, and Bosco were in charge of painting the only Dolly Parton.

They did an OK job, from afar. When they zoomed in, RuPaul looked shocking but I kinda loved it? Team Dolly won. When that whole thing was over, Ru shared that they would be roasting none other than Ross Matthews, which sounded fun in theory. Jorgeous knew she was going to struggle instantly and Willow noted that roasts could be a great opportunity to embarrass yourself.

Since team Dolly won the mini-challenge, they got to pick the order of the roast. Bosco and Camden weren’t interested in fighting over the lineup and Bosco chose to take one for the team and open up the roast. Willow wanted to go after Jorgeous because she thought her set wouldn’t be the best. Camden took one for the team, too, putting herself last in the lineup.

So it went down like this, Bosco, Jorgeous, Willow, Angie, Daya, DeJa, and Camden. Everyone was happy about the order, which was a change from the week prior. They began writing their jokes and no one was especially excited. Everyone found the roast to be terrifying, which is absolutely true. It can be a disaster or really great.

After the queens practiced their material, Bosco helped give Jorgeous a pep talk, as she was feeling especially nervous. In other news, Daya let Bosco use an old, disgusting makeup sponge, so there was that.

On the main stage, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Dulcé Sloan, and the guest of honor, Ross. Bosco was incredible and she was followed by Jorgeous, who was not. Willow was great, followed by Angie, who sold her jokes. Daya was next and she was 100 feet tall and dragged all of her jokes out a bit. DeJa followed up and she bombed, sadly. Camden closed the show and she did a good job. That roast was certainly up and down, wasn’t it?

Then came the runway, the theme was tutu much. Bosco, Willow, and Camden looked great. DeJa’s look wasn’t really a tutu. No one looked horrible, but some looks hit the theme better than others. For the critiques, Bosco, Willow, Angie, and Camden got the highest praise, while DeJa, Daya, and Jorgeous were the clear bottoms.

Bosco won the challenge, making a legendary comeback after being told to go home last week. We love that for her. Willow, Camden, and Angie were safe, while Daya, Jorgeous, and DeJa were ALL up for elimination! Two people would be going home in an attempt to makeup for all of those non-elimination episodes. They all faced off to the iconic song good for you by Olivia Rodrigo. Daya was the only one who brought the correct energy to the song so it wasn’t a surprise that she got to stay while Jorgeous and DeJa sashayed away.