The longest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race has finally come to an end. It feels like 100 years ago it started. Now, the first-ever final five took the stage in Las Vegas for their chance at taking home the crown. First, however, Michelle Visage presented RuPaul with the key to the city in honor of the county recognizing April 22nd as RuPaul day. Fun!

The first queen to get the spotlight during the finale was Angeria Paris VanMichaels, who showed off her loveable personality in her segment. As to be expected, the queens performed a song made for them. Angie’s was about how great her track record was all season. Her lipsync was great! Plus, when they interviewed her, her parents shared that she was the king/queen of kindergarten. In this household we stan the family Angeria.

Bosco was next and her bit was hilarious and fun, much like her time on the show. She had a wild journey, almost getting eliminated but being saved by the golden chocolate bar. Her song was called Devil and she was wearing a stunning goddess-inspired look that went into a monster corset reveal. It was so good!

Then came Daya Betty, wh went from first eliminated to final 5! Her lipsync song was about fighting her way through the competition. Her outfit was incredible. It was a bug-inspired look and everything about it was brilliant. Lady Camden was featured next. She had possibly the biggest rise to the top throughout the season of any queen. She showed off her ballet skills during her lipsync, which was cute. Lady Camden’s mom and drag mother were in attendance and it was adorable.

Finally, the queen of the night was up. Willow Pill had an amazing run on the show and an even more amazing 70s-inspired outfit for her segment. She overcame so many obstacles with her health to get to this point. Her song was called I Hate People and it was whacky and fun like her. Her mom and sister were in the audience and her sister shared how she helped her shop for her first drag outfit.

After the queens did their individual performances, Ru picked the top two queens to face off for the crown. Willow and Lady Camden! But first, last season’s winner, Symone, and Miss Congeniality, LaLa Ri, took the stage. This season’s Miss Congeniality was none other than Kornbread! No one deserved it more!

This year, the winner of Drag Race got a whopping $150,000, while the runner-up got a cash prize of $50,000! The pair faced off to Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, a cover performed by Cher. Willow’s outfit was incredible. The performance was great, but it was clear who won the title. Willow Pill is our reigning winning queen! She thanked Kornbread’s ankle in her winner’s speech.

We did it, y’all! We survived the longest season ever! It was fun and it was chocolate. Until next time, squirrel friends.