Drag Race

Another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars was up on Paramount+ and it was a fun one. It kicked off with Jinkx Monsoon, who Jaida Essence Hall blocked, pretending the plunger has some sort of secret powers. I love this trick.

When it was time to return to the workroom for the next challenge, Jinkx welcomed the queens with a performance of Drag Race UK’s hit song, Bing Bang Bong, which was fun. Then, RuPaul entered the room in a bright pink coat and sunglasses, which was fun. 

Ru announced that the queens would be competing in an improv challenge based in a courtroom. With two team leaders, Jaida and Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor, they would be arguing two different cases. Team Jaida consisted of Jinkx, Monet X Change, and Yvie Oddly. Team Trinity was made up of Shea Coulee, Raja, and The Vivienne. Each team had some strong improv comedians on its roster.

The show, called Fairytale Justice, saw Michelle Visage as the judge. Team Jaida consisted of Jinkx, Jaida, and Monet playing the three little pigs with Yvie as the big bad wolf. It was as ridiculous as it sounds. RuPaul was waiting outside to interview the queens in a tracksuit with elf ears? I wish I could explain, but sadly, I can’t. 

As for team Trinity, they were taking on the story of Little Red Riding Hood/Goldie Locks. Trinity was a witch speaking like Cher, which was something. This sketch was also ridiculous. Both were fun, but I loved Viv switching between characters and accents.

Back in the workroom, Jaida was taking shots of Tajin as a way to energize herself. She got Shea to do it with her and I think she converted her to a Tajin user. Meanwhile, Raja and Monet were speaking to each other in a made-up language. I love all of these queens.

It was time for the queens to hit the runway in front of Ru, Michelle, Ross Mathews, and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. The category was “spikes on the runway.” With this group of contestants, it’s no secret that the looks are always strong. I loved Jaida, Trinity, Raja, and of course, Viv’s looks the most, but nobody missed the mark.

It was hard for the judges to pick the top two because this group is so strong. In the end, Jinkx and Viv won. Only The Vivienne got the legendary legend star, as Jinkx was blocked. The pair of queens faced off to Love Will Save the Day by Whitney Houston for a cash tip and the chance to block one of their fellow contestants. It was a great performance by both queens but I couldn’t take my eyes off Vivienne. You could tell she was having so much fun. It paid off, in the end, she won. Her first cash prize in her Drag Race career! She chose to block Monet!

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