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Trixie Motel: “Pink Flamingo” (S01 E01)

Our beautiful capitalist Barbie has arrived to unpack your bags as the new motel manager of the Trixie Motel. We join Trixie Mattel as she begins a renovation process like any other. The trailer showcased a pink palace and every barbie lover’s dream with pink aesthetics dripping head to toe. So today marked the first episode of the muchly anticipated show airing on Discovery plus, was the wait worth it? 

We’re treated to two debut episodes which are jam-packed with drama, love, laughs and every shade of pink paint possible. The motel situated in the heart of Palm Springs was purchased by Trixie’s boyfriend of five years David Silver online for a cool $1.5 million! With a budget of $500,000, they have four months to get a renovation of six rooms, a lobby, and a pool for opening night during pride. Joining the team are Dani Dazey and her fiance.

Arriving decked in pink Trixie and her assistant Brandon check out the property greeted by David, to this moment Trixie hadn’t seen the motel in person. Well, she was gooped at the state of the ’70s motel, although the exterior was pink, the interior inside was a boring brown looking sad and derelict.

Although a little run down, it’s not completely hopeless and the process begins of tearing down walls, and units (whilst in drag!) The most endearing moment being how Trixie explains its David’s dream to do a project like this, and he’s seen so many of hers come true whilst believing in her is very heartwarming, as every Trixie fan knows her love language is delivered in cold sarcasm delivered in a loving way. Talking so openly even caught David off guard, a little tear was shed out of happiness for them both. I too am not completely cold. 

We get our first guest of the season and say hello to Lisa Vanderpump of Housewife fame, she too is a hotel mogul and has over 38 restaurants so she’s the perfect person to kick start the show. Lisa’s honest and open about the struggles faced in the hospitality industry. I think her advice was helpful and gave a look into how much work it takes to make things happen. But that aside we get to go shopping, Trixie’s aesthetics are exactly what my own living space is like. It’s pink, with complex clashing patterns and bold print!

The first room to be tackled and played with is the Pink Flamingo room complete with a kitchen and en suite bathroom. The first issue is the bathroom, electrics, and air conditioner, the main problem isn’t the technical… it’s whether to get rid of the baby pink tiles and start again. Well, these things cost money and an agreement is made… they stay.

Designer Danni is a girl after my own heart, she plans for clashing patterns broken up with pinks and neutrals. Not only that installing a pink feathery chandelier with a mural to match… I mean it’s every Trixie fan’s dream. Most of us I would say are on the same color palette as Trixie, very excited to see what the other rooms will look like.

The moment has come and we see the revealed room, and I LOVE it, I love a reveal, I love a transformation the room is incredible. Trixie’s reaction is one of shock and emotion, the mural she worked on for 11 hours looks flamboyant and eye-catching.

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Trixie Motel: "Pink Flamingo" (S01 E01) 3

What I’ve loved the most about this episode is seeing how much work goes into designing rooms, the process from start to finish is going to be such an interesting venture to be a part of. Besides that, we get to see once again a different side of Trixie, and also the amount of work David and herself put into the project, not to mention all the other projects she juggles on the side. 

So stay tuned for episode two with guests Mo Heart of Drag Race fame, and comedian Nicole Byer. Tune into Discoveryplus every Friday and follow @Trixiemotel for updates.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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