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Trixie Motel: “Queen of Hearts” (S01 E02)

After a flocking flamingo start, it’s time to start the renovations for room two… The Queen Of Hearts. Also, side note…..I did not realize Trixie Motel was a play on words of Trixie Mattel (I’m slow. Sigh.). So the goal for room number two is for completion in fourteen days in order for a Trixie Cosmetics photoshoot with the one and only iconic Mo Heart. Ideas start flowing on what queen of hearts path they wish to create, as imagined this room is pink, loud, and brimming with heart. 

We take to the streets of palm springs to ask what the people want to see in a queen of hearts room and expected the answers with a combo of perverted, interesting, and a man dressed as a banana….. The majority voted for a heart-shaped mirror above the bed to fit the theme. For the mirror idea, we get to visit Tim Ead of Tims’s Tufing projects who creates tufted garments, I’ve never heard of tufting. He teaches Trixie and special guest Nicole Byer this unique technique and I have to say it looks very relaxing and the finished result is gorgeous, a mix of 60’s color pallets in the shape of…you guessed it a heart!

It’s time to brainstorm designs which leads us to Trixie Cosmetics headquarters where she sits down with her design team to plan out the colors and heart shapes. For those of us Trixie cosmetic enthusiasts we know the aesthetic of this brand is detailed down to the tiniest detail of the packaging. 

Designer Dani wanted to take risks and decides to make a flock/flick on the floors which looks gorgeous, it saves time and importantly money. A few days later Dani is pulled up by David on the risk which has failed, the old flooring has caused it to blister and peel ruining her work. This risk has set them back $5550 to fix, bumps aside the journey continues. The side segments with Trixie and David play out like a couples therapy session, its humor adds to the little drama featured.

*drum roll* and room reveal, and I will say this every episode… I want to stay here. The hearts and clashing of colors fit so well. You instantly know the theme, and you know what you’re getting with this motel. For a romantic getaway or those who love loud bold prints, this is the room for you! So we’re two rooms down, five weeks in, and spent a grand total of $195,000, next week it’s a cowboy showdown with special guest Orville Peck.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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