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Trixie Motel: Yeehaw Cowgirl (S1 E03)

Saddle up and get your cowboy hat on for episode 3 of Trixie Motel. The motel is coming along nicely, and this week we start sprucing up the exterior and pool surroundings. So room three and the theme is… Yeehaw Cowgirl. After the success of her country albums, it makes sense for Trixie to incorporate a big part of her career, and another part of her aesthetic.

We hit the wild west to go vintage shopping with this week’s special guest Orville Peck singer and legend who collaborated with Trixie on their latest single Jackson. Taking advantage of her friends she puts Orville to good use by spray painting the bar, something Trixie links back to her early drag years and using all resources to save money.. a smart cookie!

The pool and surrounding areas take shape and Dani breaks it to Trixie that revamping the whole pool area will be costly. So plans are in place to spruce it at an affordable rate, and my favorite part of this is the choice of pinks for the motel’s exterior. Now pink is not just a color, pink is a lifestyle, and seeing all the swatches on the door makes for hard decision-making. Trixie has reclaimed pink strongly into her life, claiming back what it meant as a child denied pink toys to present-day a lifesize successful pink barbie with her very own pink motel is an emotional sentiment.

Cacti from around the pool are upcycled and used out front to create Trixie’s cactus garden. The perfect place for fans to take a picture, or locals to admire the creativity of the motel. The front is so enticing and capturing, even if fans can’t afford to stay there or rooms fully booked it will definitely be a place for fans to have their little moment. All the hard work is in place with the motel now painted pink and the outside completed, over an intimate dinner David has just one thing he has to tell Trixie. The city of Palm Springs has fined them for the pink wall, which is odd considering not only is Trixie associated with pink but the city of Palm Springs is home to countless drag shows and LGBTQ+ history. Perhaps the corner is jarring to locals, however, David discusses how the residents have welcomed the brightened corner and interest has begun.

We’re spoilt with another second guest Tik Toker, and comedian Brittany Bronski here to see the final reveal, this room is stunning. It encaptures Trixie’s aesthetic, and the custom art and wallpaper are every Trixies fan’s dream, colors I didn’t think would work compliment each other beautifully.

Next week we begin room four and we have the one and only Rupauls Drag Race Season 12 winner and fellow Milwaukee queen Jaida Essence Hall.

Tune in to Discovery Plus every Friday and follow @Trixiemotel for updates.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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