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Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love: All the Drama! (S01 E03-04)

Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love heated up during episodes 3 and 4. The second episode ended with Brandon and Derek getting into it. Brandon seemed to be upset over comments Derek made about having OnlyFans accounts. The fighting went on for a while but eventually came to a close, thankfully, because as the other contestants agreed, it was a bit much.

After the drama fizzled out, the contestants grilled up some dinner and spent some time together. Dakota and Brandon further discussed the argument that occurred earlier, but from a place of understanding, which was positive. 

Finally, it was the moment we were all waiting for. Anabell, Jose/Vanjie’s mom, was the next guest to come in and feel these guys out. She was certainly a force in the house and we couldn’t get enough of her! Some of the guys were intimidated, but Blake was ready to impress mama, but she wasn’t having it with him doing all the talking.

Everyone broke off into smaller groups to get to know each other. Brandon was opening up about his sex work to Vanjie’s mom, which might have been the wrong move. The other group, specifically Derek, wanted to have their moment with Anabell, so he went to interrupt the meeting, which was also probably the wrong move. However, Vanjie kind of liked it. Everyone was fighting for attention!

When Dakota’s time came, he opened up about his life struggles and had Vanjie crying. He even got a hug from Anabell, who wasn’t easy to impress. On the other hand, when Blake got to sit down with Anabell, she still did not like him and made a point to say he needed to go. So, his mom eliminated him on the spot. It was kind of horrible!

After Blake was eliminated, Anthony was Anabell’s next target. Then, the alarm rang, and someone else had to be eliminated. He sent home Nick, who seemed like he was vibing with Anabell, but Jose didn’t feel a connection with him, so away he went. With only 17 hours left, things were getting intense.

Jose was spending some alone time with Blu, who he felt chemistry with, while Anthony and Dakota were getting into a fight in front of Anabell! It seemed like some of these guys weren’t thinking their actions through in front of the mother of the man they were trying to impress. Dakota then called for Jarrett to go home, but Anabell said absolutely not, he’s in her top 5! 

It was time for Anabell to head home and everyone let out a sigh of relief, as she was fun but intense! However, the surprise guests kept coming. Jose’s friend Joe, an astrologer, came in to read their charts. First, he called in Blu, followed by Jarrett. I think these two are Jose’s top favorites. The astrologer agreed, Jarrett and Jose are compatible. Then came Ernesto

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Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love: All the Drama! (S01 E03-04) 3

After the astrology portion of the night, the contestants all took a shot before someone else was sent home. In the end, he sent Craig packing. He has kind of faded into the background, so it’s not all that surprising. 
With 13 hours left, the contestants were standing around the pool table when none other than Violet Chachki and Gottmik made an appearance! They put the guys on the spot with their looks. Violet was really enjoying her time tormenting the remaining contestants. As Vanjie put it, it was like naked and afraid but they weren’t naked, just afraid.

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