With a little over ten hours left in the house, Brandon had been eliminated because he decided to take a nap on the clock. As he left, Brandon said he thought Vanjie wasn’t going to find love in the house. Things were certainly heating up!

Violet Chachki and Gottmik left the building after helping Vanjie eliminate a few of the boys. After they left, the guys took naps, but Jack was on the move. He was desperate to have a one-on-one with Vanjie, which seemed to impress him once he found him upstairs. Jack decided to shoot his shot, skipping out on a nap to make an impression. It seemed to have worked because Vanjie kissed him! 

After nap time came to a close, the guys went downstairs and played some pool. However, someone was missing. Jack stayed in Vanjie’s room! The other guys had no idea, but they were looking for him. So, the remaining guys went upstairs and found him in bed with Vanjie. That didn’t go over well with the group. Vanjie was a little embarrassed. 

Since the cuddle party was canceled, the guys and Vanjie played a game with adult toys. They were wearing blindfolds when they grabbed different toys out of the box and then had to sell them like an infomercial to Vanjie. Dakota made the biggest impression on him during the game.

Then, the alarm of death sounded. It was time for someone else to be eliminated. Ulisses was eliminated because he and Vanjie didn’t really talk much, but he took his exit like a champ.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger, making it seem as though someone else was going to be getting eliminated. The teaser for next week’s episode looks juicy. The guys will have to play around with drag, followed by getting a lie detector test from none other than mama Vanjie!

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