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This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars featured a challenge we’ve all been waiting for, the roast! In the words of the great Farrah Moan, let’s get this roast a cookin’!

First, the queens returned to the work room and Raja finally learned that the plunger holds ZERO secrets. Safe to say she was disappointed. Her reaction was hilarious. Plus, the queens called out Shea Couleé for starting the rumor and it was all around wonderful. This group couldn’t be better!

RuPaul’s video message was interrupted by none other than Kennedy Davenport, a hint at what the challenge was going to be this week (kinda?). All of the queens would be inducted into the Kennedy Davenport Center Hall of Shame, where they would be roasting each other on the main stage as a result. 

For the performing order, the queens would be popping a balloon on a member of the Pit Crew, where they would reveal colored confetti that would determine their place in the lineup because how else would they do this?

The order went like this. First would be Raja, then Yvie Oddly, Shea, Jinkx Monsoon, Trinity The Tuck, Monet X Change, Jaida Essence Hall, and The Vivienne would close out the show. A few queens had never done a roast before, while Viv was worried that she was going to struggle with her British humor registering with an American audience. 

Some queens were really feeling the pressure. Trinity does not have a good track record in the two roasts from her previous seasons. Shea is concerned that she wasn’t going to make it to the finale if she didn’t win a star this week. There is only one more challenge after this one!

On the main stage, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, and Ronan Farrow. Wintergreen made an appearance. In case you forgot, that’s the camera operator otherwise known as Sarge. He read some Kennedy Davenport quotes. It was wonderful. 

The roast was hilarious. Of course, Jinkx was by far the strongest. Jaida struggled, but she was able to make fun of herself and make her performance funny in the end. Everyone had jokes land and that was more than you can say for a lot of Drag Race roasts.

For the runway, the category was all glowed up. Everyone had dresses that lit up, which was fun. Raja’s look was unreal, and Shea looked amazing. Jinkx’s concept of a witch burning was so creative, while Trinity looked like she was a float in the Disneyland Main Street Electrical parade. 

It was time for the judges’ critiques. There was a twist before she crowned a winner, though. This week, no one would get blocked. In fact, no one would be blocked for the rest of the season! In the end, Trinity and Jinkx were the top two. 

They faced off to Kings and Queens by Ava Max. It was a really fun performance, but Jinkx was crowned the winner in the end! She didn’t get to block anyone, but that was kind of nice, right?

Alright, y’all. Next week is the last maxi challenge of the most fun season of Drag Race ever. Is anyone else sad?!

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