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I’m back rucapping, and no the UK hasn’t sprung a surprise season on you, but I get the pleasure of reviewing season 3 of Canada’s Drag Race. I’m excited to be back recapping, as the last two seasons of Canada were incredible, so fingers crossed season three lives up to my expectations.

Let the introductions begin with Bombae from Toronto, Ontario who is electric in her blue angled dress. After that, we are greeted by Kimmy Couture from the famous house of Couture! Of course, the mother of the family is Icesis Couture, the winner of season two so the pressure is on. Following next is Chelazon Leroux. Her outfit was interesting, a rhinestone hoodie dress that is practical and comfy. She’s smart. Up next are Jada Shada Hudson, Miss Moco, and Giselle Lullaby who I already love the look and sound of, out of drag is the cutest thing and I love their accent. Following Miss Lullaby is an owl, oh no that’s just Kaos and we don’t compare queens, but at first, glance gave me Abhora from Dragula vibes. 

Out next is Miss Fiercecalicious who has an eye for details, and is dripping in sparkles from her encrusted hair to her tippy toes. Vivian Vanderpuss comes out in a flurry, I love her aesthetic and the madness that looks set to follow. Miss Lady Boom Boom struts out in a mesh number out to kill the competition, next out making an entrance with probably one of the best drag names is Irma Gerd. Last but not least Hala Bae is here to meet the girls and embrace Bombae who is her drag daughter, will competing as a family bode well for the pair?

The mini challenge and first of the season is Rooftop couture, compared to the last two first challenges this is a walk in the park. Getting to strut their stuff as well as showcase their personality via their outfits is a lot easier than descending up a hill in a windstorm. There were some hits and misses but we got a good glimpse into what kind of styles we’ll be seeing. The winner of the first mini challenge is Bombae. 

But the maxi challenge is a twist I loved, even though I would personally be thrown off and plagued with fear! The challenge is to turn the outfits they’re already wearing into a brand new outfit. I wonder how many were annoyed that these custom-made garments now have to be ripped apart to make a new outfit? I’m surprised that some don’t sew or design, which is fine but as usual, at least being able to sew just a little can save you from being at the bottom.

So far for me, the queens catching my eye are Kaos, Irma Gerd (with a name like that how could I not?), and Lady Boom Boom. The list is growing to who I’m growing attached to, I can already tell it’s another strong cast of contenders for this season.

It’s our first runway of the series, and we welcome guest judge, worldwide model, and star, Monika Schnarr. Hostess Brooke Lynn Hytes looked exquisite per usual. Everyone did pretty well considering they had to deconstruct their outfits to create something new, some of them are practically unrecognizable. As there are so many new faces, it would have been cool to have seen them before as they walked down the runway to refresh our memory. The winner of this week’s challenge is Lady Boom Boom, leaving the bottom two Halal Bae and Miss Moco to lip sync for their life. 

First lipsync of the season, and this is a really good number to start the season with 2012’s classic “Beauty and a Beat” by Justin Bieber ft Nicki Minaj. Both took a high-energy approach, bordering on gymnastics. But unfortunately, we say goodbye to Hala Bae. Overall the first episode has highlighted that season 3 is set to give us some very good TV with a diverse set of queens!

Tune in to Canada’s Drag Race every Thursday on Crave in Canada, Wowpresentsplus, and BBC Three Iplayer in the UK!

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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