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Here we are at the final pink step to the Trixie Motel being completed! Eight weeks land a ton of pink paint later, it’s time to reveal it to the public. We check in with Dani who’s at the final stages of the check-in counter, which will include Trixie’s famous doll collection. To decide which dolls get that prime spot on display Trixie gets help from Drag Race legend and fellow Milwaukee queen Jaymes Mansfield. If you love seeing Trixies extensive doll collection, her youtube channel has a playlist containing plenty of doll content. 

If the doll collection wasn’t cute enough, the merch shop is also ready for business,  custom-made Trixie Motel t-shirts are for sale with a range of accessories. We even get a special guest to help with some in-house training, Emily Hampshire actress and model is here to train Trixie!

One of the final reveals is the lobby, and one of the things  I’ve enjoyed on the show is seeing how upcycling with very little can transform the dullest of furniture. The chairs are completed and I didn’t know there were so many variations of pink I could love more.  The lobby is revealed and oh my goodness, how many of us want to sit there sipping a cocktail amongst that pink palace? I truly believe there is no such thing as too much pink, it’s proven in the decor of this room, it’s gone from drab to fab and, even the smallest of touches are so personal.

Another guest is introduced and it’s Ruby Montana, the previous owner, who gets to see how the motel has evolved and what’s been achieved with the total rehaul that has happened with the building. Seeing it all through new eyes is insane to see how much has been done, starting from nothing and transforming it into a pink Barbie playhouse! It’s almost like a glittery pink baton has been passed! 

Call security there’s someone in the trash and jumping the fence, oh wait…. It’s just everyone’s favorite hooker and Trixie’s best friend Miss Katya Zamolodchikova. Here for the grand tour and the reveal for each room before the grand launch. As usual, it’s pure chaos with them, but this chaotic enduring friendship is just what people love about them. Discussing their work ethics and how hard Trixie  works Katya is at obliged to just how much 

The guests gather and it’s full of familiar faces guests including Manila Luzon, Alaska Thunderfuck, and Ashley Gordon. Amongst the mingling, Trixie shouts for their attention from the roof? She and David give a very loving and touching speech to the guests and each other. What I’ve loved is that although it’s reality tv the conversations between Trixie and David have always been warm and genuine. The confession segues although scripted and comes off a little cringe, it adds to the energy required for a show like this.

It’s a shame to have to say goodbye to the Trixie Motel! It’s been an insightful look into the renovation process, and not only this, but it fed into my ideal aesthetic and love for color. Alongside this, we got a little bit more depth into her personal life, which we don’t see, and rightfully so as it should be respected and left alone. However seeing her warmth and love for David, constant support, and love from friends warms my cold heart. One thing’s for sure and it’s that the Trixie Motel will surely have no problem filling its rooms in the future, as the fans and gays will gravitate to a pink oasis in the heart of Palm Springs! 

So now the shows are over, go to the Trixie Motel site, and book now over to secure a room for your ideal vacation getaway!

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