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RuPaul's Drag Race

Canada’s Drag Race: “The Who-Knows” (S03 E02)

Oh Canada, we’re sliding into episode two after Halal Bae’s elimination, and we have a few sad tears from Hala’s drag daughter Bombae, but she’s fired up and ready to represent them both. 

With a  new day, a new surprise awaits the queens in the form of a giant bag containing sports jerseys with their names. The queens are challenged to get in quick drag to create a sports character. I always love seeing the mad panic it causes, and it’s time to strut the catwalk in their creations and for me, Kaos, Lady Boom Boom, (who fashioned a quick dress on the sewing machine), and Irma Gerd stood out.

And the winner is Chelazon Leroux, and with her win, she gets to decide who is paired for this week’s maxi challenge. ‘Who Knows’ is the award ceremony for well who knows, the queens will present awards to their fellow nominees in a special ceremony. Leroux pairs the queens who she thinks will work well together, as she states it’s a TV show and we want good TV, not cringe-watching. I’m excited about this challenge as we haven’t had a good awards ceremony since season 7’s the Despys which was a great episode. 

So team one we have Leroux and Gisele Lullaby together. Lady Boom Boom, Kaos, and Bombae team two, old friends Jada Shada Hudson and Miss Moca are reunited as hosts, back home they host local shows this should be a walk in the park for them, however, drag race storylines can go in any direction. Team three is Irma Gerd and Vivian Vanderpuss, and lastly Miss Fiercalicious and Kimmy Couture. 

The teams are to write their monologue intros for the show, some excel and some not so much, tensions are rife with Miss Fiercalicious and Kimmy Couture. Miss F claims Kimmy isn’t helping or that her jokes aren’t funny, Miss F doesn’t hold back she’s a tad brutal. It’s a bit painful to watch them both come up with content, where the other teams are confident delivering their drafts to Brad Goreski.

Welcome to the 2022 ‘Who-Knows Awards’ up first to kickstart the show is Bombae, Kaos, and Lady Boom Boom here to present the Busiest beaver category. I love how their outfits match yet still show their styles, and the busiest beaver goes to Jada Shada. Moving to Frostiest Queen we have hosts Jada Shada and Miss Moco, and it’s awkward to watch, it’s very forced instead of natural and free-flowing. Laroux has the cold shoulder as the winner and does her best acting with her speech.

The classic Drag Race edit tricked me, I was waiting for Miss Fiercalicious and Kimmy to bomb badly, but if anything they shone well and dare I say stole the show whilst looking gorgeous. They’re here to present the nominees for best dressed and the winner is Miss Lady Boom Boom who elegantly drapes herself on stage whilst giving her acceptance speech. Overall the award ceremony went off without any major incidents, with good dialogue and comedic moments.

The category is ‘goddess’ and it was a mixed bag of looks, we had some hits and misses. Kimmy admits to googling goddesses resulting in choosing the sun even though she’s not 100% sure what she’s representing. I love her honesty even if she isn’t aware of how funny she is, I find her charming and her looks stand out. It’s reminiscent to Adore Delano and her charming narrations, cute enough to get away with what’s been said. My tops for this week are Lady Boom Boom, Giselle Lullaby, and Kaos. 

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Canada's Drag Race: "The Who-Knows" (S03 E02) 3

The bottom three are unfortunately Miss Moca, Jada, with Irma Gerd, saved from the bottom two, it’s time to battle it out. This week’s song is High School Confidential by Rough Trade, without sounding like that ungrateful Drag Race fan, some storylines are obvious and it’s a shame that it played out this way for Jada and Moca. Both are incredibly talented and seeing friends having to send each other home is bittersweet, alas this is reality TV. They both give it their all, Jada especially giving a lot of emotion and passion. Brooke Lynn thinks so too and Jada is staying as Miss Moco sashays away.

Tune in to Canada’s Drag Race every Thursday on Crave in Canada, Wowpresentsplus, and BBC Three Iplayer in the UK!

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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