After last week’s episode of Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love, things were heating up. The latest episode of the show was no different. Mama Vanjie was back for one last grilling of the remaining contestants. It was sure to get intense again! 

This episode wasted no time getting to the good stuff. Instantly, Vanjie had to make the decision to eliminate another contestant. In her own words, it was the hardest elimination. Vanjie chose to send Blu home, who many saw as a front runner for a majority of the season. However, Vanjie saw him as more of a friend than anything else. This was shocking!

To keep from getting upset about the whole ordeal, Vanjie decided to make the guys play with wigs. If you’re going to date a drag queen, you have to know how to style a wig, right? They had ten minutes to style a wig and impress Vanjie. 

All the guys got into makeshift drag and it was fun to see them enjoying it. Jared, whose drag name was Adele Taco (brilliant) won, and his prize, you ask? He had to make everyone else breakfast, which gave Vanjie husband vibes.

Oh, Vanjie decided to announce that her mom was coming back to the house with under 5 hours left in the competition. She joined the guys for breakfast and instantly started stirring the pot. She put the guys on the spot to say who they thought should get eliminated next. Dakota was put in the hot seat, with Vanjie’s mom asking if he was asking when he was crying last time she saw him.

The hits keep coming, Vanjie’s mom shared there will be a lie detector test to make sure the guys have good intentions. First, though, there was another elimination to be had. Ernesto was the next one sent packing. He was a great sport about it, stating that he didn’t feel he was all that compatible with Vanjie anyway.

Vanjie was ready for some one-on-one time with some of the guys she hadn’t spent much time with while the rest of them were grilled by Mama Vanjie. Vanjie took Dakota outside, while the rest of the guys hung out with her mother. 

During the conversation, Vanjie shared that she wasn’t exactly comfortable dating a sex worker with her career and wanted to keep a more private life, so she sent him home. 
It was time for the lie detector test. However, there wasn’t time for every guy to sit in the hot seat, so Jack was the only one hooked up to the machine. Vanjie’s mom was both working the machine and asking the questions. However, we won’t know the results until next week! What a cliffhanger!

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