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Panda Reacts to ComicCon 2022 Trailers

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I can’t even pretend like I am not and have not been excited about The Rock (yeah yeah, Dwayne…) as a tee total badass that is pissed off about his kid being killed and him pretty much being left for dead, oh and he’s pretty much a god now tbh.

007 is retired now and apparently has been endowed with powers as well besides handsomeness. Pierce Brosnan seems to be the closest thing to a friend/mentor I can find in this film for Black Adam. His Doctor Fate character doesn’t reveal terribly much about the character in this SDCC Trailer, but he does appear more friend than foe as he seems to pose the question to Black Adam of should he be a good witch, or a bad witch.

This is a passion project for Dwayne, I don’t see how this isn’t a fun ride.

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Okay, thank god. That first She-Hulk trailer was dangerously close to the level of bad the Ghostbusters: Answer The Call trailer suffered from on initial release. Sonic the Hedgehog‘s trailer was so bad it forced the studio to rethink it. The CGI was bad, the whole concept looked rough, and the humor didn’t really seem there. There also seemed to be a heavy reliance on The Hulk.

This is a whole different world now, the animations look so much cleaner, we have a better focus on the character…and while The Hulk seems to carry more of the trailer than I would like, I am honestly excited about this series. We’re a bit overdue for a break from the norm and a little lighter humor, I feel like She-Hulk can absolutely deliver.

You should probably watch all the way through if you haven’t been keeping up with the news, I dare you.

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Hi, my name is Panda and I still have chills. Time all kind of blends together for me these days, honestly forgot SDCC was here. I was scrolling through twitter and see a trailer, almost scrolled past assuming it was a fan trailer and then I see it is from a verified account. Within seconds I was fully engaged.

Visually, Black Panther is one of my favorite films ever, this seems to not only continue that tradition but really looks to dive further in and explore parallel cultures.

Near instantly we are reminded the king is gone, we see glimpses of Wakanda that appear to be in mourning. How does a nation proceed? Angela Bassett should win every award just for this trailer. Her powerful speech where she speaks of losing everything, it’s rare a trailer can just make me pay attention, let alone give it my undivided attention the way Angela Bassett did this.

What begin as glimpses of hopefulness, soon turn to various scenes of true concern. A threat is rising, a siege seems to be underway, a family is torn apart and a Kingdom who has long looked to their King for hope now seems lost in the storm.

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Panda Reacts to ComicCon 2022 Trailers 3

I really don’t want to give too much away in this one, you really need to experience it. Dedicate time. Turn everything else off. Watch this, love this. WAKANDA FOREVER!

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