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RuPaul's Drag Race

Canada’s Drag Race: “Cosmetic Queens” (S03 E06)

Strap in for week six of Canada’s drag race, and we’re going straight into what I would call a weird mash-up of an episode. After last week we said goodbye to Lady Boom Boom, and the queens gather to congratulate Kimmy Couture.

Let’s jump straight to the mini challenge where we prepare to say cheese who doesn’t love a family photo shoot? In pairs, the queens are to get into quick drag themselves into a loving family ready for the camera. Gisele Lullaby and Jada Shada go for a husband and wife dynamic, Jada who’s pregnant then proceeds to give birth during the shoot. As I said this episode is a weird one, for me Irma Gerd, Kimmy, and stole the shoot with their sweatshirts and 80s apparel. 

For this week’s maxi challenge, we’re turning into CEOs and social media influencers as the queens are challenged to create and brand their own eye shadow palette. A great challenge idea, in recent years we’ve seen successful makeup launches and of course drag, and queen make-up companies arise (Trixie cosmetics and Kim Chi beauty to name a few) Not to mention the importance of branding their image after the show with merch, etc. So Vivian Vanderpsuss explains how she intends to create a Cat Mom makeup campaign, although I’m not a cat person I love this idea, it’s easy to market, and we get an idea of her sense of humor and a great niche market. 

My queen Giselle proceeds to tell her idea for her french Canadian heritage and wants to use swear words as her color names. I’m already sweating knowing this isn’t going to bode well, moving swiftly on and Miss F is ready to thrive, for a young queen with a big social media following she should technically excel at this. 

The actual making-off was quick and gave no insight into what was actually happening or who excelled. Tracey was the main feature in both challenges, yet no real feedback just comments. Hard to tell who did well for that based on what we saw with only 20 secs the filming is chaotic and choppy 

Keeping on the artistic side with this week’s runway which is ‘Paint’ – everyone hit the mark, and I really enjoyed seeing their art pieces hit the runway. 

We see the campaigns and I loved Vivians, it was concise made sense, and was bonkers. Alongside each video, we see their promotion shot, and Vivian is radiant along with her runway look she’s at the top for me alongside Jada. Let’s move to who I loved this week Jada shone, her video was fun you wanted to be her friend and you knew what she was selling. 

Giselle clearly stumbled this week, whilst she was funny it made no sense, we didn’t get to see anything new from her, but her promo image was stunning nonetheless. The judges went in on Bombae’s but I really enjoyed it, I thought her running commentary on the product names and storyboard were really funny. Of course, I am just a viewer, but as everyone did well the critiques need to be more specific. The bottoms are tricky to figure out but everyone takes a guess as to who. This week’s winner is Miss F, well deserved as her advert was on brand, had a clear vision

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Canada's Drag Race: "Cosmetic Queens" (S03 E06) 3

Our bottom two are Bombae and Irma Gerd lipsyncing to………and the lipsync was an interesting one. Some moves seen from Irma were questionable whilst Bombae floundered about. The judges choose to keep Irma in and Bombae is told to sashay away, which is a great shame she’s a fantastic queen.

So there we have it, our make-up mogul episode is over who’s product do you want to buy and who would you avoid?

Tune in to Canada’s Drag Race every Thursday on Crave in Canada, Wowpresentsplus, and BBC Three Iplayer in the UK!

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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