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RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: “ST4RT Your Engines” (S04 E01)

The time has come, and season four of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is here (hooray), and what a jam-packed episode we were treated to. So after the last three iconic seasons does season 4 have what it takes to eclipse them all? I think this could be the one to top the past three, so with a whirlwind montage to kick start the season, it’s time for the first introduction. The first bearded queen judged by RuPaul is Danny Beard he’s a very talented queen to watch and I’m excited to see what he brings. Next, we have Baby in a sparkly gold concoction, and the energy from the get-go is infectious. Hot off the heels and here to break the Brighton curse is Pixie Polite, and what’s this a motorcycling nightmare? No, it’s the breathtakingly gorgeous Sminty Drop her cheekbones are to die for. Out next is petite glamourous South African queen Starlet, every inch a Hollywood glamour puss. Leading us to 1940’s Irish siren Miss Jonbers Blonde, now the next queen I could write a thesis on how captivating she is, it’s Black Peppa arriving in a caramel mask, pony to the floor, and a gold shiny number, we have the first reveal of the season. I can tell this is one strong queen to watch and after Peppa you ready to spice up your life with Just May

Next in a tiny little sultry number is our first trans girl of the UK franchise Dakota Schiffer, besides her entrance look, I’m in love with her confessional outfit, serving us demure. We’re back to camp with Copper Top, a red-headed diva decked out in a fluffy number which I love. Brighouse you ready for Lefil, her concoction of flowing red hair and matching number had everyone up in arms, another queen to watch. Lastly is the icon, the legend, who we’ve all been waiting to come on the show. It’s the non-binary alien Cheddar Gorgeous prepare to fall in love with this artist. Continually educating fans, and a multi-dimensional fashionista. As you can see the rest of the queen’s reactions are similar to my own, they are the front-runner. 

So let’s get rolling, we’ve got our first mini challenge to show us and RuPaul what these queens are capable of. The challenge is to recreate the 2012 Olympics Spice Girls taxi entrances, of course, the challenge isn’t as simple as posing and giving their best. This is drag race, bring on the elements, in good-fashioned British weather we’ve got wind, hail, and rain – those poor queens being drenched in water. So for me, the queens that stood out were Black Peppa (honestly her splits and acrobatic moves had my jaw dropped) Cheddar Gorgeous, Le Fil, and Sminty Drop. The winner of the first challenge and rightfully so is Miss Black Peppa, now this week’s main runway, I’m in love with the theme, as the BBC institution turns 100 this year the theme is Keeping it 100. It’s a fresh theme, and the runway is pieces of my childhood – some more frightful than others. 

Let’s bring it to the runway, not only does RuPaul look stunning but has legs to the high heavens as an international supermodel. We’re back with our judges Michelle Visage, and Graham Norton, and we’re joined by everyone’s favorite British institution Dame Joanna Lumley. I won’t assume everyone is familiar with her work, but if you haven’t watched Absolutely Fabulous, please do its camp, it’s fashion, and Patsy is a whole mood. This runway theme is fresh and something different giving me high hopes for this season we’ve got nods to children’s TV in the form of Blue Peter, Pudsey the bear, and Mr. Blobby. I won’t even try to explain what can only be described as a hallucination from the 90s that swept the nation. He had a number one single and even a theme park attraction which at the age of 6 visited on a family day out. Watching Drag Race with my mum, she too was perplexed at what or why Mr. Blobby was popular. However even though Danny Beard and Black Peppa both went down the Blobby route, they both killed it. Danny’s was something RuPaul mentioned as being Leigh Bowery-inspired, it was pure club kids and I loved the aesthetics of it. Black Peppa’s interpretation was fashion couture and just like the OG was still horrifying. The second runway ‘Ru Are You? Signature Drag. A great runway for us to get to know the queens, where they’re from, and their sense of style. 

An emotional first untucked with tears flowing freely, I do think they should be easier on themselves Drag Race is an intense boiler cooker never mind the pressure they put on themselves emotions are going to be sky high. I think for a first episode this is how season premieres should be, fun, full of energy, yet humble and real amongst themselves.

The winner of this week’s runway and rightfully so is Black Peppa, her outfit and everything were so conceptual and constructed to perfection. The bottoms are unfortunately Copper Top, Just May, and Dakota Schiffer I agree with the bottoms. Dakota’s horrible history looks similar to her entrance, I think this season is going to be a very hard one to judge. Our bottom two falls to Dakota Schiffer and Just May, and they lipsync to Mabel‘s Let Them Know. I enjoyed the lip sync, Dakota stepped it up in comparison to Just May, to who we, unfortunately, say the first goodbye. Although I loved her exit line ‘ F**K Off’ honestly iconic, even RuPaul reacted. 

So as you can all see I’m in love with season four already, the cast is phenomenal and I can’t wait to see what comes our way. What did YOU think of the season premiere let us know below. Catch RuPaul’s Drag Race UK every Thursday at WOW Presents Plus in the United States and on BBC Three and Iplayer in the UK.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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