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RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: “Naff-tas” (S04 E03)

We said goodbye to the sparkling Starlet last week, one thing I will say about her mirror message is how gorgeous her writing is, even in departure elegant to the end.

We get a shady little mini challenge in the form of the very first Naff-ta awards. The awards voted amongst the queens will be awarded the iconic and infamous Rupaul Naff-ta trophy. The trophy replicates the infamous Christmas tree ornament which went viral from Wish and even featured on AS3 winner Trixie Mattel’s Youtube channel/Christmas tree.

With the red carpet, quick drag completed and votes are in, and the first award for “Beast in show” and who the queens deem true star quality is Black Peppa. Next up the award for “Best scene-stealing hog-grabbing” queen goes to Danny Beard, who gives a hilarious acceptance speech. Up next and resting on pretty goes to Baby. Poor Copper Top is voted “Most faded in the background” ouch. The hot mess of the season goes to Sminty Drop.

For the maxi challenge in teams, the queens will be challenged to be twinning, and this challenge requires sewing, creativity, and teamwork. Being a hot mess has its perks and Sminty is in charge of assigning the colors for each duo. As assigned by the fate of the bingo balls Le Fil and Sminty get blue, Danny Beard and Pixie Polite get purple, Dakota Schifer and Baby get black, Cheddar Gorgeous and Copper Top get black, leaving green to Black Peppa and Jonbers Blonde. Also, the snarky comment from Rupaul in regards to Jonbers name being awful, whilst I don’t agree, I am puzzled by the name, is it a pun?

It’s unboxing time, and each pair delve to see just what treats await them, right off the bat Sminty doesn’t hold back for her disdain of the materials. Declaring them all unfit for her body, Le Fil is the perfect partner balancing her out and cheering them on for success. 

As Cheddar and Copper excitedly gush over their sparkly gold numbers and discuss their Goddess themes, it almost feels set up for Copper to fail this week. Her concept and teamwork with Cheddar are endearing and exciting but her win at the Naff-ta’s as to fading into the background seems to be looming over her this episode. 

For the larger part, this episode is werkroom heavy it almost felt like we had a lot but yet nothing happened. Which is fine, it’s a design challenge for me it just felt a bit fly in the werkroom watching not so diligently. 

Runway time Category Is: “Bing-o-she betta don’t” and for me, it was a strong walkway although the placements were confusing. So let’s start with Sminty Drop and Le Fil in their oceanic blue numbers, they pulled it out of the bag (or should I say box.) Showing that pulling yourself out of the headspace works wonders.

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RuPaul's Drag Race UK: "Naff-tas" (S04 E03) 3

Danny Beard and Pixie Polite walk out in identical purple dresses, dripping in gold chains, but for me, this was the most simplistic concept of them all. All groups had the same time, and yet the silhouette looked bumpy and a little basic to me. 

I will keep this brief about Dakota and Baby’s black couture floral number, as I’m in love with the whole thing, I want the boots, and I need Dakota’s dress. The way they both complement each other and look like a fashion collection is sheer perfection, they both easily stood out tonight for all the right reasons. Whilst I liked the path Copper Top and Cheddar Gorgeous took, they traveled in different ones by the contrast in looks. I liked both of them, it was a shame that a storyline was almost created for Copper to fail, from the start of Naff-ta to now. 

Of course, the judges think different and Danny and Pixie are safe (choices.) The well-deserved winners of this week’s challenge are Dakota and Baby, who finally gets her Rupeter badge.

It’s clear that Black Peppa, Jonbers Blonde, Cheddar, and Copper are the bottom two groups this week. This season is so strong that choosing who to go home with is already tough enough and it’s only week three. Ru reveals one queen from each group will be lipsyncing to stay and we, unfortunately, see Black Peppa and Copper Top fighting to stay another week. Although I didn’t want to see Black Peppa at the bottom, she showed everyone watching just how incredibly talented she truly is. That lipsync was fantastic, and Copper did a great job trying to keep up. But alas we say goodbye to Copper Top.

A somewhat mish-mash episode for me, but next week we get the iconic and my favorite Alison Hammond joining the panel for next week. Prepare for the chaos, what did you think of this week’s choices?

Catch RuPaul’s Drag Race UK every Thursday at WOW Presents Plus in the United States and on BBC Three and Iplayer in the UK.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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