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The Chaos of “Muff Busting’ with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet

WOW Presents Plus is renowned for bringing some of the best content from Drag Race girls from Werq the World, to, of course, UNHHhh. Welcome to the app the latest show presented by season 12 alums Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet, their new show Muff Busters aims to dissect famous myths we’ve been told over the years. Accompanied by somewhat chaotic scenes, and scientific facts, the duo brings some much-needed laughs to fans. I got the pleasure to talk to the queens hot off their Australian tour, we talk getting old, whether we should go swimming after eating, and Vegemite so strap in and lets get muff busting!

Hello, everyone, welcome to How are we?

Both: Hello, Hello

Heidi: We’re good, tired, but good. I’m still recovering, almost back to normal. We just got back from our Australian tour.

How was that? The jet lag must be insane. 

Heidi: It was a good time. I am definitely exhauster bated. That’s the word exacerbated there, my body, she yearns.

Rock: We got back Sunday? It’s Tuesday now? Since Sunday night and this morning, so I’m tired the whole time we were there too like Heidi was there. I had to wrap my ankle because I sprained my ankle. 

Heidi: Getting old. 

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

Rock: Yes, I’m getting old. How dare you?

Heidi: Mrs. Kasha Davis yet? How old are you?

Rock: I am not Mrs. Kasha Davis’s age. I’m 30. How old are you?

I’m 32, so I’m the oldest.

Rock: You’re fine, you just gotta drink enough water. Not to like, recover from alcohol and everything, just water is the magical cure. I just feel like as soon as we got to Australia I got bitten by like one of those really venomous spiders and then I’ve just been losing my nervous system ever since.

So Muff Busters is your brand new show. What inspired that show and how did the two of you end up working together? It is a little bit chaotic which I love. 

Heidi: Ohh goodness me, a bunch of plans came together. So the first season of Binge Queens on WOW Presents Plus and the people they loved us together. It was very much what you said chaotic as well. And we kind of, we wanted to take that chaotic nature and juice it up and put it on a whole other thing.

Rock: So see what people at home don’t know is that Heidi is very gullible. She’s not a woman of the world. She has not seen much outside of her yard. So when she’s high and sitting on a couch and watching drag race, I could literally tell her anything, and she will believe it.

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

Heidi: I do not. (laughs)

Rock: I’m sure she went to school, but it might not have been a good one. So, during Binge Queens, I would kind of tell her facts, and then she would believe me a lot. So a lot of the concept came from us, kind of having all these facts and then wanting to kind of, break through them and see if they’re really real. And a lot of them are common misconceptions that you have, every day, like, can you eat before swimming? Of course, it’s possible. But should you do it? Is it real?

I always got told that as a child, don’t go to the sea or the pool after you’ve had lunch, give it half an hour to an hour. 

Heidi: Same (laughs) There were plenty of times I was not allowed to go swimming too because I had just ate.

Rock: I have to tell you, that’s less scientific and more of your families just being mean (laughs). That’s what’s awful, the more that we bust all these myths, the more we realize how abused Heidi was as a child. (laughs)

So for someone who hasn’t watched the show yet. How would you describe Muff Busters, and what’s the biggest fact you’ve learned from it so far? 

Heidi: The fact that you probably didn’t know it was actually true, the biggest fact that I’ve gotten from it is the fact that I can talk Rock into eating a brownie off my foot.

Rock: I’ll do anything for money. That was a fact I did not know. And the answer is yes, yes, yes. So that’s how you describe the show. OK, so I would say that people with only like half a brain cell would say that we’re people of color Trixie and Katya. And that’s not true. (laughs)

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

Heidi: That’s not true, we’re not nearly as popular. We’re not nearly as rich.

Rock: The thing is that I think of like Muffbusters, except that one of us can do like a dip, and the other one can do a split, and then one is really southern and has a gap in her teeth. And then also they’re both really gay and irresponsible.

Kirsty: I personally really like it Rock when you break the true fact with a British accent. I really enjoyed that segment.

Rock: Oh god (laughs) I was like, the first thought was am I that good? I thought it was good. Thank God, see thank you I love doing a British accent but if I do it for like 2 minutes or more, it turns into Australian when we go all the way across the pond. Heidi, Can you do a British accent?

Heidi: (bad British accent) Oh yeah, tip tip, pip, pip. Yes indeed. Let me tell you Tayce and Awhora love my British accent. 

I was just gonna say the Drag Race UK girls must love it! 

Heidi: (laughs) They love it. Ohh they absolutely do.

Out of all the episodes filmed, what’s been your favorite one? And what was the funniest moment on the set that hasn’t been aired yet?

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

Heidi: Oh there’s one where I decided to go bare-legged and Rock will seize my taint.

Rock: Totally remember that now. I’ve been wondering why I’ve been having nightmares every night. Thank you for uncovering my trauma. Yeah, so that’ll be a fun one. There are a lot of taints from both of us on the show, that’s fair. Well, it’s on WOW Presents so we can show it and they don’t filter anything. (laughs)

How do the ideas for the episodes come together, do you brainstorm or do they just come and go as they please?

Rock:  Sometimes they’ll hit us across the head and be like, hey, can we talk about this? Sometimes we’ll have someone be like, OK, ladies, this is what we’re talking about today, get it together. I’m like, OK, let me do a little bit of homework really fast, somewhat knowledgeable. Here’s the thing we’re both registered scientists, so they can throw any topic at us without us preparing it all. And we will be prepared. Like, I don’t care if you have a degree from Harvard or Stanford or whatever, stupid school, we can probably teach you better from what we’ve learned.

Heidi: Also there’s Google, Google is always there.

We’re now entering season 15 of drag race. For both of you does it feel like season 12 was a lifetime ago What memories do you take from my experience? You experience the most unique that anyone else will experience. 

Rock: Watching Crystal lose on Zoom was a highlight.

Heidi: Best finale ever, I also loved watching Jaida win $100,000 live alone in her living room.

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

Rock: Yeah, we all filmed our reunion and none of us got together and we were all in separate rooms filming.

Heidi: Oh my god and there was some stuff that we had to film for the finale that didn’t get used.

Rock: There was this Birthday thing..

Heidi: (backgroundsinging) Oh yeah, Happy Happy birthday to you

Rock: There was choreography and everything and we did it, either they didn’t like it and were like we’re gonna archive this. But then I also smashed my ass into a cake maybe that’s why they didn’t use it. (laughs)

Heidi: Probably was no no no no no.

So for season 15 if you could create a runway theme or a challenge what would it be?

Heidi: Oh well you know everyone’s all about you get a runway that’s based on something that a queen has done in the past or another queen like when Detox did for the season five finale, the old grey thing. I would like something dedicated to me like gap tooth Princess and when I speak it whistles.

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

Rock: Or how about gap attack and it’s like something that Heidi would wear?

Heidi: Oh so something horrible (laughs) Looks like that was a gap of it all.

Rock: I would love to see a swordswoman runway or something that had to do with like fierce women in warrior mode. Fantasy setting with strong women.

How does it feel for you both when fans want you to compete in future all-stars seasons? You both always seem to be on that dream list. Would you compete and go back?

Heidi: Maybe? I think so. I think I would go back as long as everything was going smoothly and headspace was well yeah, I would.

Rock: I would go back as long as they rigged it in my favor (laughs) I would go back if my brain was really nice because, on my run of the show, I cried a lot. It was very stressful when I was there, my brain was really mean to me and I’d rather go back and just be mean to everyone else. Turn my trauma into bullying everyone you know,

Heidi: Low power bully. Yeah, exactly.

Heidi, you recently partnered up with Jaida Essence Hall for your podcast ‘Hall & Closet.’ How did the podcast come about? You even recently had Rock on the show, but who’s been the craziest guest you’ve had on?

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

Heidi: I have asked Jaida for months at a time to try and do the podcast since me and Jaida when we talk, just talk and talk. People seemed to podcasts so we could make this happen, let’s do it. But she is such a procrastinator, and also had a lot going on with All-Stars seven as well. So I was like, Ah, she’s busy, I get it. But then she’s also the worst to get hold of, and it wasn’t till we were on tour together and I was like, Okay, girl, look, we’ll start this podcast. Then, mom podcasts they saw us together and just how we were bantering back and forth. They said you know what, we’re gonna bring you on board and they brought us together, and we kind of just been doing our own thing. Oh, some of our craziest guests have definitely been Rock for sure. As well as Boomer Banks. He was pretty wild.

Rock: Did he show his Weiner?

Heidi: Oh girl no (laughs)

Rock: Well we would never know as it’s on the podcast (laughs)

Heidi: Well, unfortunately, maybe put it on YouTube like Trixie and Katya and monetize Patreon behind a paywall.

Me: You should upload to Youtube, and there’s is free on their Youtube channel, along with their podcast every Tuesday.

Heidi: Oh really, I just really like to drag Trixie for anything and everything. (laughs)

Speaking of YouTube Rock you were nominated for the Best category YouTube channel at the WOWies, your videos are they’re so fun to watch. How would you describe your channel and who do you take inspiration from?

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

Rock: So part of it is there’s a lot of drag race queens that do a lot of content that is geared specifically towards drag race like doing reviews and everything like that. Remember Miss Cracker’s Review with a Jew and then for a while Trinity was reviewing drag race and then you know when Nina Bonina Brown does drag race review stuff, and I tried to stay away from that specifically because as much as I love those review channels that’s not typically what I digest on YouTube. I kind of grew up with YouTube, I like to have content that’s kind of like reminiscent of Daily Grace or memory hearts anything really stupid or fun that I would click on. My whole goal for YouTube is not exactly to get views or get monetization is just to do something fun. It’s an excuse to do something stupid every week.

The recent one with Crystal Methyd eating Vegemite the wrong way that was was an interesting one.

Rock: (laughs) That was my bad, I’m so sorry. I forgot to get bread for one but then he ghosted me and then I was supposed to get bread for the video. And I didn’t get it.

Heidi: I tried it too, last night.

Do you like Vegemite on toast, that’s the best way!

Rock: Oh my god, It’s so good right? It’s gorgeous. 

YouTube player

So as you’ve come back from Australia, did you try any crazy foods over there? How was the experience?

Rock: Were there any crazy foods in Australia? Not really. It just seemed like America and the UK kind of combined. But there’s definitely seasoning in Australia, sorry! (laughs)

Heidi: We did discuss eating kangaroo but then I was like, No, it’s my favorite animal. I could never.

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

Rock: Oh yeah. We went to the zoo while we were in Australia and Heidi saw kangaroos and she was very moved. Then I saw the wallabies and I cried.

Heidi: Lily Welcome to the Wallaby is a bit more and than just rock starts breaking down. I was like oh Rock really.

Rock: I was like, I saw Rocco’s modern life as a child. It’s been affecting me, and I’ve always wanted to see and meet one.

Which leads us finally to what’s been both of your biggest achievements in the past 12 months and what do you hope to achieve for the remainder of 2022?

Heidi: Oh a big question, in the past 12 months, dear Lord, non-stop touring I’ve been on nonstop Tour mode for the last 12 months. It’s like, well suppose that it’s that Lady Gaga clip, bus, club, another bus. Very bad for me the last actually is, but last two years, it’s been kind of that for me. So that’s definitely been the biggest achievement so far. But I think after, the next year, I’m gonna take a close call down on the tour stuff and do things I really want to do like writing a book and working on a woman show. I can tell people what to write.

Rock: For me, I would say because I’m not touring as much as Heidi. I would say the highlight of my year has actually been working at World of Wonder and making the show. Honestly, I definitely think that this show is a highlight for me, especially because I know how to work with Heidi and don’t tell her this if she’s on the call. She has so much charisma, she could literally work with anyone and make magic but I got to work with her. We have magic together on this show.

Heidi: Yeah. I definitely think that, like I’m really proud of this. And I think that a lot of people should watch it and watch it. Yeah, it’s just a fun thing too.

Rock: Maybe we’ll take this on the road possibly in the future.

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

I think this so where you could be good to get the crowd involved up on the stage doing something silly.

Rock: Yeah. Well, we should have done that in Australia. You know, there’s that myth that Australian men have pouches on their wieners it’s not true.

Heidi: Oh Rock, no, no, it’s called foreskin (laughs)

Rock: I didn’t know what it was. I grew up Catholic. I was like, Are you a marsupial? (laughs)

Is there anything else you want to add? That hasn’t been spoken about during this interview? 

Heidi: We’re talking about marsupial foreskin (laughs)

I was gonna say I think that’s a pretty rounded closing(laughs)

Heidi: Lord Jesus (laughs)

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The Chaos of "Muff Busting' with Rock M. Sakura and Heidi N. Closet 25

Rock: Anyone. If anyone out there wants to give me and Heidi Brazilian waxes after filming the show. I do believe that we both need one.

Heidi: Yeah, for sure. (laughs)

We’ll put that as the headline, can someone give these ladies a wax (laughs)

Heidi: Can someone wax me please (laughs)

Rock: Thank you, lovely lady. We need help, so thank you, happy to end on that note.

Heidi: I think that was a good ending note. (laughs)

So catch the wildly chaotic, and endearing new show Muff Busters over on WOW Presents Plus. New episodes premiere Mondays at 2PM ET/11AM PT worldwide.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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