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Drag Queens

Dragula: The Titans (S05 E01) “Halloween House Party”

It’s back, the season Dragula fans have been wishing for is here. Kickstarting the all-star, all titans, we get the first double feature episode which starts with a big Boo and happy Halloween, welcome to the house party of your nightmare! The production of this season has stepped up another gear, we’ve got bigger budgets, and a star-studded cast. 

The Boulets Brothers do what they do best, and they create the perfect setup and atmosphere for the viewers to engage in the tensions and excitement of the cast reveal. In Dragula fashion we get the ghouls one by one, and out they pop in a coffin, what else would be a better introduction? First out of the casket is season four’s Koco Kaine who brought some creative and fantastic looks, she arrives as a gothic glamour barbie. Followed by season one and OG Melissa Befierce, back to represent the first season and carry on her feisty attitude. Out next is the hairy horror Evah Destruction from season 3, this season gets a bad reputation for being bland and over dramatic. But for me Evah shone during her season and I’m excited to see what she brings. Returning is anime goddess Erika Klash, I liked her in season 2, which for me was the standout season, it was full of drama, story, and incredible looks. The creepy and gone-too-soon Yovska is back to finish what they started.. Season four’s Astrud Aurelia arrives in her 2.0 glow-up form, another ghoul that went far too early after showing such promise. 

I will reign it in best as I can but this next monster to me is the full package, Hoso TerraToma, who made it to the final four of Season 4. They brought incredible looks with deep concepts. Their reception in the workroom reflects my sentiments with cheers and woos. Following on from Hoso is again another one of my favorites and most anticipated to see return Abhora. This ghoul captivated me in season 2 with their looks and attitude seeing them live made people around me faint. So with these two side-by-side competing it’s going to be interesting to see what they pull out of the bag. Resurrected from multiple seasons is Kendra Onixxx. While her look is cute, but it doesn’t scream Dragula. The queen, the light of everyone’s life, and in my opinion, the most creative queen to come out of the franchise is back – Victoria Black. Her arrival is met with a barrage of praise and intimidation from some, knowing they are in for fierce competition with Victoria back. The drama begins in 3,2,1 it’s full acceleration mode and continues throughout the episode, the claws, knives, and every other sharp object is out for one another. 

The Boulets arrive explaining the difference for this season compared to the previous, and it’s all changes from the get-go. Extermination will take place for everyone, should they fail to participate or fail in general, the ghoul eliminated from the previous episode will take their place. The stakes are higher than ever, as past exterminations have seen the ghouls face their fears so this twist I love. Floor shows will be based on seasons past, starting with season 3 and the Halloween party floorshow. They’re asked to create a reimagined Halloween character from TV or film into their own interpretation. But first, it wouldn’t be Dragula without guts and gore, the first challenge is a good ole game of bobbing for apples. Bobbing with a difference that is, and that difference is they won’t be in the water. Surrounding these apples will be guts, fish heads, blood, and gore. The bobbing commences, and it’s just as vile as you’d expect it to be. Astrud is the apple-bobbing champion. 

In the cauldron looking sexy and carefree, Astrud as the winner assigns the teams and their roles for the challenge. For the living room scene Melissa, Kendra, and Koco wish for the role, yet Erika’s voice got lost, and the battle for the third role commences. Erika fights her corner for twirling and swirling in New York in an effort to prove her dancing abilities, the others don’t seem convinced. They’ve already claimed her as the weak one. Halting proceedings, we get the crew slipping a note to Astrud. True to form Melissa did win the challenge, in which Astrud gladly hands over the responsibility of assigned roles, and Melissa is quick to switch. She is brutal and is certainly going to bring fire to the cast, the host role is assigned to Astrud, applying pressure. 

The living room scene goes to those who wanted it Melissa, Kendra, and Koco. Oujia board crew is Hoso and Evah an interesting duo dynamic and what they’ll bring will be nothing short of creative. Watching TV together will be season 2 sisters Abhora and Erika Klash, who looked nothing but thrilled. Picking the pumpkins together are Victoria Black and Yovska intrigued to see what looks they bring, both create visually high concepts out of the box. Well it took a whole 33 mins and the claws and teeth are out between Kendra and Yovska, outfits are compared, and social media figures are thrown around. 

Welcome to Dragula: old friends reconnect and talk cr*p, time is ticking, time is fleeting, and yet the ghouls continue to gossip whilst rehearsal time slips away. We’ve all been there avoiding doing things by doing the opposite, and then *just* when you think they might begin work. Now welcome to Dragula: Dateline, where Astrud and Abhora compete and go in-depth about their love and past encounters with Hoso. Dragula is a concoction of everything and the drama never fails us the viewer as you can see Yovska is all of us watching the drama unfold.

We finally see some work taking place with the costumes coming to life and getting a glimpse into what inspires their aesthetics and what they plan to bring to the floor show. It’s time to be invited to the Halloween house party, and this is what Dragula is about. For me, Victoria Black stood out the most, that life size Stepford Wife pumpkin was incredible, and Evah Destruction and her sexy devil were satanic. Among the bottoms, I would say team Melissa is the weakest, the outfits although Halloween didn’t stand out amongst the others who shined with their creativity. Of course, Abhora and Erika also failed to stand out. This hurts my heart as we all know I adore Abhora, I think the loudest queens who started drama should have perhaps focused more on rehearsing.

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Dragula: The Titans (S05 E01) "Halloween House Party" 3

We are joined by the iconic queen of Halloween herself Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) and Justin Simien. The critiques were fair and evenly distributed, I would agree with them, as Victoria truly stood out and was awarded the winner of this week’s challenge.

Of course, it’s a Titans season so why wouldn’t we have twists and turns? This season the Boulets won’t decide who to send home, the queens will *gasp.* Whilst I love twists and turns, a twist like this can go great or it can ruin a season, We’ve seen in other reality TV shows how something like this can end up causing the elimination of the key stars. The clear bottoms are Abhora and Erika Klash, and once again drama erupts as to who should stay. No one is mute about who they plan to exterminate. They’re expected to write who they want to go home on an old-fashioned quill and parchment. Koko Caine is iconic with her long nails and struggles to hold a quail, asking instead to just send a text. 

The moment has come for a ghoul to be exterminated, and they are to be sent to the depth of hell via a trap door. The tension builds, and Abhora is released into the depths of hell, to the delight of some and the sadness of others. I was really excited to see what they would bring back into the competition, yes they have attitude but that’s Abhora. This double episode of Dragula most certainly kicked and exploded with a ghoulish bang, hopefully, next episode the drama is less and we see more challenges. What did you all think of the first episode of Dragula Meet the Titans? Were you happy with who went? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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