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Call Me Mother (S02 E01)

Call Me Mother is back for season two on OUTtv, as the show aims to provide artists from all walks of life the chance to join three houses. Each house is to be mentored, nurtured, and loved by three drag artists, Crystal (Haus of Glass), Barbada De Barbades (Haus of Harmonie), and Peppermint (House of Dulcet). 

This is a jam-packed season, with 15 drag queens, kings, and things set to compete for a place in the three drag houses. In addition to the title of ‘First Child of Drag’, the winner will enjoy a grand prize package valued at over $50,000 which includes a year’s supply of Rimmel cosmetics, a year’s supply of Wella Hair Products, and the chance to be the Face of Wella at Pride Toronto, one year of Square Online Premium, a seven-night stay for two, at the Almar Resort Luxury LGBTQ+ Beach Front Experience in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, courtesy of Air Canada Vacations and a cash prize of $25,000 from Freddie, a simpler way to access HIV prevention. That’s one hell of a price package! We get introduced to each artist and a brief introduction to what they aim to bring to the competition. 

With so many artists introduced to us at once, there were several who caught my eye straight away: Jessie Précieuse, Pepper, Kingchella, Makayla Couture, Phoenix Black, Seyonce Knows, and Justin Abit. It’s an incredibly diverse bunch of individuals  I look forward to seeing what they can bring. The three drag mothers meet their future children, and the first round of the competition is Look, where the artists can showcase their personalities and the Mothers can note down who captures their eye. I love this as there are so many people to get to know, and standing out will take a lot. In the first round, the mothers won’t clack their fans to who they want to adopt but in each successive round the mother will click clack as to who they wish to adopt into the family. I love this concept, it’s fun and allows the artists to showcase to us the audience what they can do in three rounds. 

Round two was a fun talent show brimming with craziness, bizarre acts, and fashion. We’re missing this sort of viewing with TV drag shows, and I, for one, love it.  Out with a crack from the start kicking, splitting, and tearing into the second round is Phoenix Black who gets the first crack of the fan from Crystal. Second out is Seyonce Knows who tells us a fairytale, with various painted pictures of the mothers. I get such a good vibe from her! They’re a life-sized, fairytale glamorous ghoul and I was saddened to see no one clacked for them. We get another adoption but this time it’s a double clack, both Peppermint and Barbada fight for the dancing wonder of Mya Foxx. 

The awkwardness is that Barbarda has worked with Mya. I love Barbarda and her energy when judging and wanting said artist in her house. It’s fresh energy I’ve not seen on a panel, and her personality radiates. I think she would make a motivational and inspirational mother, but in spite of all that Mya chooses to join Peppermint in the House of Dulcet. The next click clack of the fan goes to shimmery dancer Pepper as chosen by Barbada as the first addition to the House of Harmonie. Stony Mac pops out and I love them! It’s camp, over the top, and bonkers just as I love my drag artists. With a puppet in tow and finishing with a rendition on the trumpet, we see all THREE click-clack away, and Stony chooses Crystal and the House of Glass. If I were to be in a house, I would want Crystal. She a stand out for me and holds something different that has always caught my eye with drag. It’s different and it’s dangerous yet polished and I think her personality would coach me well. 

Makayla Couture tear up the stage, within two seconds Peppermint has clacked away to claim her.  For those sharp eyes, Makayla Couture appeared on season 1 of Canada’s Drag Race in which she was paired up with Icesis Couture and swept the runway. Barbarda welcomes another addition to her household with Weebie and her mystical fortune-telling act. The House of Harmonie gains another child with Miss Shay Dee, the pink prancing princess. Next out comes Kingchella, teaching us how to make a salad. What follows can only be described as a sexy whipped cream surprise. Kingchella opts to use her body as a serving platter, but unfortunately this doesn’t earn a clack from the panel.

The seductress Imarra comes out serving body in a sultry burlesque number gaining the attention of Crystal and Peppermint, Crystal chucks her boob to show her devotion and support, explaining she needs her slut energy in her house! Yet Imarra chooses to move into Peppermint’s house. The light arrives and Justin Inabit performs a light show spectacular. I wish we could have seen just a bit more Whilst the concept was great, it could have perhaps been enhanced with various lighting or seeing their face, this results in no clacks given. Out last and Jessie struts out in a perfect picnic number. Crystal connects with her love for body hair and is the third child in the House of Glass, leaving one spot remaining.

We have six remaining artists with no homes, and the mothers have one spot each to give out. So it’s time to spill the tea on how this is a chance for the remaining artists to explain why they should stay in the competition. It’s an emotional round, and a hard one to choose! I would have picked Kingchella, Justin and Seyonce Knows. Well, two out of three isn’t bad. As Crystal chooses Seyonce, Barbada chooses Jenna Seppa, but Peppermint struggles emotionally to choose and gives each artist a boost in their confidence as to why they are there. Peppermint laments about not knowing how to utilize her expertise with drag kings BUT she is up for the challenge and so Justin cements the last spot.

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Call Me Mother (S02 E01) 3

Unfortunately, we say goodbye to Champagna, Kingchella, and Newfound Lad, although departing they all reflect on their brief time in the competition and leave with positivity. Call Me Mother is a breath of fresh air in what can sometimes feel like an oversaturated industry, it’s just what we need in the form of a warm healthy competition featuring all varieties of drag. 

The OUTtv Original series will premiere on, the OUTtv Apple TV Channel, the OUTtv Prime Channel, and OUTtv on The Roku Channel (where available) on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET, with new episodes weekly.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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