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Drag Queens

Dragula: The Titans “Return Of The Witch” (S05 E02)

Well, Dragula went off with a bang last week the response was greeted with cheers on social media and set up the premise for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, the ghouls voted Abhora to drop down the hatch to hell. Of course, it was sad to see her go, back into the boudoir they talk about what went down the week before. The conversation turns on just how Abhora sabotaged herself, voices are raised and Erika Klash defends herself again. Hoso Terra Toma and Astrud Aurelia jump to Abhoras’s defense because she deserved to compete and had so much to showcase. The rest of the queens disagree with this, as they argue amongst themselves we have a special guest. The way my jaw hit that floor in happiness, we say hello to Abhora. Strutting back in with a cup of tea like nothing ever happened, the faces and screeches of the queens are satisfying. The Boulets wanted to deliver a trick-and-treat by having them return back into the competition.

Little time is given for them to recover from shock as the Boulet Brothers summon them for this week’s challenge. The return of the witches in which they are to reconstruct a famous silhouette based on movie villains. Be it wicked witch of the west or Roal Dahls ‘The witches.’ That 90’s film was horrific as a child, they can incorporate their drag style into the character and must make their shoes. Before the challenge commences fright feast has to take place. This week is brutal, they are to eat a variety of spicy foods whoever is the winner can cast a witch’s spell. The encantation spell makes one queen do the runway bald. No hair or headpieces are to be featured, so the stakes are high, and let’s get spicy. Hoso is confident in her ability to beat everyone with her Korean heritage. Korean food is amazing but some can blow your brains out.

The white queens are underdogs, and rightfully so how many of us can handle chillis and spice? The first round consists of a chili shot, and from there on the rounds and spice meter intensifies. It’s gross, they all try not to vomit, and one by one taps out. The remaining two are Abhora and Erika Klash who battle it out. Abhora is tactically trying to make Erika vomit, but she pushes through and wins. Not a shock but Abhora is chosen to go bald this week, not very strategic when Abhora can pull that off well. The others agree Erika could have sabotaged someone else, but Erika is tired of being underestimated.

Work begins on the witches’ walkway, and I love seeing how they design and show their sketches of just what they plan to create. We get a little tutorial on making a garment by Koco Caine and their tips for creating an outfit. Their humor is uplifting exclaiming you can take the ghoul out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the ghoul. Evah Destruction challenges the ghouls to a witch cackle it is a tad cringe to watch. By the looks of Koko, she agrees, letting out just a he-he. 

The Boulets arrive on the floor show in the most horrifying detailed doom day get-up. The attention to detail is always so high and polished. This week we are joined by the horrifically terrifying Bonnie Aaron who plays the main demon in ‘The Nun’. The nun 2 will be out soon if you haven’t watched then I recommend it. Joining Bonnie is the first Dragula judge on Season one, episode one Darren Stein. 

To the tune of Kelly’s ‘Shoes,’ we get the montage of the ghouls lipsyncing in their witch get-up. The level of creativity and concepts is incredible. From the start, Evah catches my eye with her outstanding outfit and the dribble of blood with a grimacing smile. Victoria Black once again nails the concept and the prosthetics used to make it come alive are fantastic. It was another note-worthy look reminding me of Hocus Pocus and the Sanderson sisters. Back to the floor show stage that shows close-up details of the shoe requirement, Melissa Befierce was a floral nightmare the details were spot on, showing florals can indeed be spooky. On the other end, some were a little Hodge podge for me and they were Erika Klash and Kendra Onixxx. The Boulets express their disappointment with the ghouls. Believing some are playing chess others, checkers.

This competition has some strong competitors, so the magnifying glass is out with expectations high. Winning witch this week is Evah Destruction, and rightfully so it was everything and more. Unfortunately, we see Kendra and Yovska are to face extermination and are sent to the cauldron until a decision is decided. Opinions are hashed out with shoes being compared, and tensions are rife. Add that Abhora ‘discovered’ a note with Yovska’s name on it, indicating she was nominated even though she wasn’t bottom two. The firework is lit and here we go, cauldron time is a bubbling pot of chaos. Hoso admits she is the culprit behind the note, this season certainly is fiery. Standing at the staircase of souls where their fate will be decided, and in 3,2,1 and we see Yovska plummet to the underworld. Another action-packed 40 minutes episode, what did you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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