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Drag King

Call Me Mother (S02 E03)

We hop straight into episode three this week, no moping about last week’s elimination in which we said goodbye to Stony Mac and Miss Shaydee.

Back in the salon and in pairs, the remaining artists are to play bingo. We have a super special guest bingo announcer, you might know them. It’s Alaska Thunderfuck, here to say hiiiiii and she’s here to give a safe sex education lesson. In order for the artists to win, they must dab their way to the top, answering questions correctly. I love that they are doing this, it’s adding education for those younger viewers watching at home. Some schools have an agenda to not teach safe sex for the LGBTQ+ community. So while this is a fun challenge, on the whole, it might just be opening the eyes of some viewers. Pepper and Justin Abit win the blue ball challenge and pocket $500 courtesy of Freddie.

Following the theme of safe sex, the queens must strut on the runway in their best safe-sex couture outfits. Alongside the runway, a decade of dance recitals throughout the ages is to be performed for the mothers. The recital is categorized into the ’20s, ’50s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s with the group finale in the ’00s. Before the auditions begin we are joined by G’uncle Landon Cider and Farra N. Hyte. One by one we see who the twinkle toes are and who’s flat-footed. Which is absolutely okay, as they can all shine in their own unique way. Everyone encourages one another, and we see Seyonce Knowles acknowledge their lack of dance. It does show yet is still so endearing to watch. On the other end, we see Makayla Couture, Phoenix Black, and Pepper excel with their twists and turns. 

The casting list is released and cast perfectly there’s no sabotage or out to make anyone fail. The artists will be partnered with members from opposing houses. So for the 20s we have Seyonce and Jenna Seppa, 50s goes to Justin Abit and Weebee the perfect duo for that Grease look. The 70’s shimmies to Pepper and Mya Foxx, partaking in aerobic classes to the ’80s is Imarra and Jessie Precieuse.  And voguing the house down for the 90s is Makayla and Phoenix. I look forward to seeing the 90s as both these queens are so incredibly talented and will be a strong team.

Back in the salon and we have the return of guru Lucinda Mew and special guest sewing wizard Connor McCalden. Both are here to help the decades come to life via accessories and costumes. The enthusiasm from the contestants and Lucinda is heartwarming, everyone is excited to get stuck in and have fun. Wig Zaddy is back to get those locks glossy, gleaming, and the final cherry on top of their outfits. 

First up we get the mothers to judge their children, all I can say is Peppermint and that gown is everything, her chest stole the show. Out first for the house of Dulcet is Makayla as the naughty sex ed teacher, it’s gorgeous, it’s bad (in a good way) and you know what she’s portraying right away. For the house of glass, I particularly loved Seyonce. Coming out as a reincarnated nightmare, presenting the safe sex of a loved pillow. For the house of harmony, we have Weebee as an elementary school teacher educating safe sex. All my 90’s people reading this takes us back to our childhood watching ‘The Magic School Bus.’ She is the iconic Ms. Valerie Frizzle.

With the runway done, it’s time for the scores and the House of Dulcet and House of Glass are tying with a score of 32. Everything is to play for, let’s get dancing through the decades and we begin with the roaring 20s. It was cute albeit a little out of time, Justin and Jenna were fantastic as a double duo for the 50s it screamed preppy high school students. As expected the ’90s pairing stole the show for me, it was cohesive and stylish. Rounding off and into the new millennium is the 00’s group number, it’s a tad chaotic but it’s enjoyable to get swept up in.

The judges score the houses and unfortunately the House of Glass and Dulcet are at the bottom. Another two people are to leave the competition, it’s down to the mothers to decide. Peppermint chooses to send home Mya Foxx and Crystal sends home Seyonce. It’s sad to see these two go, both were so talented but with a competition of such talent, it’s only going to get harder from now on. 

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Call Me Mother (S02 E03) 3

So another wholesome, positive episode that I’m really enjoying. The OUTtv Original series will premiere on, the OUTtv Apple TV Channel, the OUTtv Prime Channel, and OUTtv on The Roku Channel (where available) on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET, with new episodes weekly

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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