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Dragula “Dungeons and Drag Queens Two: Into the Underdark” (S05 E04)

With Kendra Onixx plunging through the doors to hell last week, the ghouls are back in the boudoir to theorize who went home. The majority think Abhora will strut back unapologetic and cause more drama. On the dot who should walk in amongst the madness but the ghoul herself. They promise from now on to not self-pity or create drama, I hope this is true. Last week was drama overload, which can make good TV but gets tiresome. So with that said the alarms ring and the ghouls are summoned before the Boulet Brothers.

This week’s theme is Dungeons and Drag Queens, a play on the famous Dungeons and Dragons game. The queens are split into two groups for this week’s acting challenge, to decide who gets what script it’s time for the Fright Feast. It’s a tug of gore, a battle to stay out of the gorey sea of guts. The gore itself is a concoction of blood, mud and who knows what else, it’s a good incentive to win. First into the gore is Abhora, fast behind her teammates Hoso Terra Toma, Koko Caine, and Evah Destruction. 

Astrud Aurelia’s team wins which consists of Melissa Befierce, Erika Klash, and Victoria Black. They chose the Quest script the easier of the two leaving the curse to team Abhora. Astrud is a very big fan of the dungeons and dragons franchise, I have no idea what it is. Astrud gives another fantastic passionate speech, yet the editors are so shady to her. The continuation of what the game consists of and descending into her love for D&D. It’s a replica of me when talking about Trixie and Katya. 

For the challenge, we’re in the desert back where we were for season 3, and the infamous Maddelynn Hatter meltdown. We get a tender moment with Abhora and Melissa, who takes her aside to have a heart-to-heart. Already this episode is beginning to be enjoyable, we see everyone having fun rehearsing their scripts.

Let’s delve into the floor show, and the outfits are a bit hit and miss, the outfits replicate the characters assigned for their challenge. As usual Victoria Black looks incredible, however, Koco Caine steals the show. Her outfit is straight out of a video game, and yet still holds the elements of what Dragula is all about. Accompanying her outfit is a giant war hammer which results later on in damaging a fellow teammate’s forehead.

We cut to the acting challenge as one team excels and the other one is cursed. Team Astrud flail, it’s lackluster and lacks energy. Astrud shines amongst his fellow teammates which is a shame you can feel the passion. Team Cursed is far from it and delivers a fantastic performance. Each one brings something unique, with questionable accents but nonetheless is gripping. Koco once again is dominating this episode, shining as a villain this is a great episode for her.

Although she does accidentally bust open Hoso’s eye, cut to blood, and we have a medic scene. We love a tiny bit of drama, this does pan to Evah and her anxiety-induced mini panic attack. It felt a bit over the top from the editing team, it was almost as if it was to mimic Maddelynn’s issue on their season. But moving forward it’s critique time, this week’s judges are Misha Osherovich and Eric Graise. 

The praises come thick and fast for team cursed, the Boulets praise for their teamwork, and Hoso for pushing through the injury. Hoso and Koco place at the top, with Hoso taking the well-deserved win. Team Quest are at the bottom with the main critiques aimed toward Victoria and Erika. Back in the cauldron everyone and Victoria herself are confident she’ll be staying and Erika will be leaving the competition. The poor ghoul looks defeated but nonetheless defends herself well. Descending the staircase of souls, we see Erika take a plunge. I think it was clear that Erika would be sent to the depths of hell.

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Dragula "Dungeons and Drag Queens Two: Into the Underdark" (S05 E04) 3

So we’ve slayed the dragons and it’s on to the next, what did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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