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RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Canada Vs The World: “Bonjour, Hi” (S02 E01)

Another season has arrived of Rupaul’s drag race, and we’re back around the world. After the success of the U.K. Vs The World our host, this season is Canada. Let’s hope this season, the eliminations are a little less controversial.

So let’s say hello to our first queen and out onto the main stage is Rita Baga. Looking envious in green, and here to win after placing in the top three for season one. Following Rita we get season 2’s Stephanie Prince, another green number to the color palette. The third representative for Canada is Kendall Gender, I loved her and what she brought to the competition. The next silhouette being teased through the doors is season twos winner Iceisis Couture. Some wondering why’s she back, we do have multiple queens back from other seasons so why not?

G’day and here to represent down under is Australia’s season 1 Anita Wiglit. Here comes a familiar figure and it’s Dr. Silky Nutmeg Ganache with another beverage for us all. Joining Silky for the USA is Rajah ‘O Hara, who I adore her personality is infectious. 

It’s time for royalty and Vanity Milan is representing us brits in the U.K. Scone but not forgotten is Victoria Scone here to finish what she started. Say hello to our cast of season 2, nine very well-rounded queens. 

And of course, our judge and host for the season is Brooke Lynn Hytes. Here to give the first challenge, and it’s girl power time. The queens must get into groups of three to form a super girl group. Following this, they then must write and choreograph for the hit single Bonjour, Hi.

Groups automatically form with no issue, we’ve got Rita, Anita, and Victoria. Who names themselves Touche. The second group is Maple She-Rups Icesis, Kendall, and Stephanie. Leaving SRV made up of Silky, Vanity, and Rajah, all groups are strong and perfectly put together.

While writing lyrics they all talk of their time in their respective seasons. They all have varying levels of success and each brings something unique. Here to help finesse the lyrics is Anjulie. Songwriters to the stars including Lady Gaga. Her advice to the queens is strong and incredibly helpful which will give the performances a little more Star quality.

Are we ready to dance, split and kick? Out first is Touche, and for me, Victoria’s lyrics were the best. It described her, the U.K., and what she brings excellently. The group excelled and I loved the mash of British, Australian, and French accents. I felt like I was in an Epcot world showcase. 

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RuPaul's Drag Race: Canada Vs The World: "Bonjour, Hi" (S02 E01) 3

Maple She-Rups arrive in a flash of pop princess extraordinaire. Iceis’s lyrics flowed and her outfit screamed rap lyrics. Another strong group, and last out is SRV. Vanity’s lyrics were effortless, strong, and also important. Speaking of the issues amongst the franchise of black queens being mistaken for other peers. It still happens today and was brought to light recently in U.K. drag race press. 

So all three have performed and it’s time for the runway. ‘Queen of the world’ reflects how they would look as well… queen of the world. I think drag race as a franchise has stepped up another gear entirely. Looks, performances, and talent is getting harder to judge and pick apart. The stand out for me is Silky Nutmeg Ganache. That gown was incredible, the fit, the color, and the way she modeled it was pure perfection. Everyone’s outfit highlighted who they are and of course, I loved Anita’s pink tulle number.

The bottom falls to Kendall Gender and Stephanie Prince. With the power of Vanity Milan and Rita Baga, the girls plead their case backstage . Poor Rita knows she has to lip sync against the U.K. lip sync assassin. Having Vanity talk about working with Silky and Rajah was so heartwarming. Seeing Silky’s tears shows how horrible and troll-like the fandom can be.

Vanity wins the lipsync battle, and the porkchop treatment goes to Kendall Gender. It’s a shame, I adore her. However, I think Stephanie has a lot to show and I look forward to seeing what she plans to bring. So a great start to the season, did the right person go home?

New episodes of “Canada’s Drag Race: Canada Versus The World’ will premiere every Friday at 9pm ET/6pm PT in the US and in select territories exclusively on WOW Presents Plus, day-and-date with its local airing on Crave in Canada.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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