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Drag King

Call Me Mother (S02 E05)

We’re halfway through the competition, and it’s heating up with the final seven contestants. Kickstarting the episode the artists get creative featuring arts, crafts, and wigs. Using their imagination they must create a wig out of the materials provided.

Diving into choosing the wigs and some of them are hits and some misses. Although I have a mini art degree from way back when I would struggle. They have 30 minutes to create, I would spend those 30 minutes thinking about what shade of pink to use. Here to judge is wig wizard Wig Zaddy and Lucinda Mew. The winner of this week’s mini-challenge is Pepper

The winner will get a head start on this week’s challenge. We’re having a comedy roast. This would be my fear if I was to compete, I’m sarcastic but putting together comedy would be a nightmare. It’s a sentiment shared across the board, no one is confident they can pull off a routine. Reunited with their mothers, the children discuss the roast and their runway looks. The runway is focused on ‘Not my drag’, something they wouldn’t wear. For Pepper it’s toning down patterns and print for a more demure look, Pepper is me I love a clashing print. Be bold and be fun. For Justin Abit it’s going full feminine. I admire him for that, it’s a total 180 degrees but great to explore out of your comfort zone. 

The comedy roasts must consist of roasting the judges and their drag mothers, everyone seems so nice. It’ll be interesting to see who manages to cross the threshold into being shady and a tiny bit mean. I have a feeling Weebee will shine, he has a great sense of humor as does Jenna Seppa. A masterclass is provided with G’uncle Landon Cider and Auntie Farra N.Hyte, we also get a video call surprise from Call Me Mother season one winner Toddy. They all give great structured feedback, and their laughter towards each contestant gave an extra boost.

Weebee delivers a structured although theatrical routine, but Makayla is unconfident in her deliverance. Phoenix Black goes pure mean girl, with her line on Barbuda “Girl you using a megaphone last week is screaming for attention. You’re not the main character, no one knows you b**ch give it up.” Another end of the spectrum is Jessie Preciuse who is armed with pages of content. The team advised her to narrow it down and edit, something I’m sure Chiffon prays for every time she reads my work. 

Time for some lewks, and the judges and mothers come out looking incredible in their own ‘Not my drag’ concepts. I love seeing the judging panels take on a runway look, it gets them involved and should be featured in all drag competitions. Out first on the runway is Weebee as a Christmas doll. I have an issue with this, and that’s her declaring Christmas is the worst time of year *gasp.* Apart from that bold declaration I love this Mrs. Claus get-up. Pepper pops out terrifyingly and is in tune with her drag mother Barbuda screaming horror doll. The movement reminds me of the grudge and the way she tumbled out of the TV set. 

For the Houe of Dulcet out walks an unrecognizable figure, a demure Marilyn Monroe named Justine. Justin Abit looks incredible, stepping out of his comfort zone and into a feminine role takes courage and he looks like a star. This next look is my favorite thing I’ve ever seen. Not only is Makayla showcasing legs us short people can only dream of. But she’s throwing it back to 90-’s nostalgia in a blue loofa Furby number. I’m sure the Furby is a nightmare throwback for many parents mine included. For the house of glass stomps Jessie Preciuse a gothic sex warrior, out next saunters Phoenix Black as a red devil she was unrecognizable and she understood the assignment. 

Let’s get this roast cooking, and I get nervous about these challenges, it can be so hit and miss full of secondhand embarrassment. Kickstarting the roast is Pepper, love the coat it’s a need not a want. Phoenix Black is a stumbler, it starts wobbly and is greeted by questionable looks by the judges. Some of her reads were more mean than roasting, moving swiftly on to Justin Abit. A strong and funny read for Landon Cider was well structured. Coming out as a teenage punk dream is Weebee, and she is not afraid to read her mother one tiny bit.

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Call Me Mother (S02 E05) 3

Makayla’s outfit as usual is every inch stunning, she comes out confident. It’s very fake it till you make it which I admire. Her white cracker joke about Crystal was great. Jenna Seppa comes out like a yellow canary armed with a barrage of hits and misses. I dont know what I love more about Jessie’s set the timing of jokes, the level of roasting, or the laughter coming from Peppermint. 

It’s time to say goodbye to one family member, and the judges give their feedback and scores. Jessie wins the roast with a score of 72 out of 80. The bottom two are two very strong contestants who I don’t want to see leave. We have Makayla and Phoneix, and just one point separated them from leaving. Scoring 61 we say goodbye to Phoenix Black, leaving just one member in the House of Glass left. 

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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