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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK: “The Grand Finale” (S04 E10)

Today’s the day we see who has snatched the crown for the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. We’ve got our final four after saying goodbye to Pixie Polite last week, and her mirror message reads “Robbed.”

So our top four gather and enjoy their moment of reaching this momentous moment in their journey. We get some fun werkroom moments, seeing how excited they are for this last episode. A new day and the countdown have started. The final challenge for the finish line is to create lyrics to the Drag UK megamix. Four songs will feature “Call Me Mother,” “Sissy That Walk,” “The realness” and “Kitty Girl.” We can all agree these are the most popular and fun tracks made by mother RuPaul herself. 

Writing preparation begins with their notepad and pens, and the queens work on their lyrics. Most choose a path of reflecting on their time in the competition. They’ve all had unique experiences, is Jonbers Blonde the first to reach the final episode with no wins? Is Black Pepper the first lipsync assain for lipsyncing four times? Danny Beard is the first bearded queen to reach the finale, and Cheddar Gorgeous… is a sexy dolphin. A fantastic final four who all bring something unique.

In between writing, we sit with Ru and Michelle Visage for their tic tac/podcast/therapy chat. The first to talk to the duo is Danny, and he talks about the painful childhood that has led him to be confident today. Hearing how a child cut his face up with a homemade knuckle duster is brutal, but the support of his parents and his sticking up for himself was a great story. 

Jonbers talks about his history with fashion growing up and how it stems from his glamorous mother. He also touches on finally coming out of his shell throughout the competition. I love seeing people flourish and discovering how great they can be. Each queen has done this, leading Black Pepper to echo Jonbrs sentiments. He’s gone head-on to each challenge, and in the ones, he felt unconfident but still did it. Cheddar discusses how he surprised himself whilst competing, as he’d fallen out of love with his drag for some time. Michelle expresses how surprised she was to see Cheddar on the roster of competing queens. I was also surprised to see his name on the list, he’s known for a strong political stance on drag, and I’m so glad everyone got to see him do so well. 

Are you ready to start dancing, our choreographer this week to help our queens is Claudimar. Each queen does well, but Danny does stumble. But to be fair the choreographer was going 100mph, and expecting him to keep up. I’d be the same. Beginning the final process of getting ready for the finale performance we get a reflection in the werkroom. I loved hearing them share their advice and encouraging words. Particularly how anyone can accomplish their dreams and goals, dont say you can’t you can. I love inspirational talks, they all reflect on their best moments and talk of pride for each other’s journeys. This has once again been another fantastic episode of the UK drag race. I love that it always brings its own humor and variation of drag, so gushing aside lets megamix.

We get returning queens back to appear in the performance having queens back is such a cherry on top of the finale episodes. Each queen delivers their lyrics, whilst the eliminated queens stand on platforms in the dark. As expected Black Pepper kills her lyrics and choreography. Danny struts out in a feathering leotard number I feel like I’ll be repeating myself for each queen. But everyone delivers the perfect performance although Jonbers did steal my attention during the moments, it was fun and energetic. Of course, as always the megamix is available on all platforms, with proceeds going to comic relief and children in need. 

Tonight’s category is Grand Finale Eleganza’s first out is Black Pepper she’s gone in a different direction. Showcasing an upcycled leather gown. Cheddar Gorgeous is an alien goddess, an HR Giger-inspired fantasy look. Danny Beard pays homage to Liverpool in a golden liver bird, as a phoenix rises from the ashes. Outlast comes Jonbers in a white and gold flowy number which she describes as a Celtic warrior.

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RuPaul's Drag Race UK: "The Grand Finale" (S04 E10) 3

Childhood photos arrive for the famous what would you tell your younger self segment they’re so beautiful and emotional. But Cheddar’s advice stood out the most “Be young, especially when you grow up.” The judges and even Ru sheds a tear or two!

To round off this season who should we see but the past three winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK? The first winner Vivienne comes out in a red seduction number season one feels like a lifetime ago. Out next, our bing bang bong of season two Lawerence Chaney, and last but not least stunning reigning queen Krystal Versace. Welcome back to the eliminated queens looking fabulous and chic on the runway one by one.

This season the top two for this finale is clear with regard to badges and wins with track records. Danny beard and Cheddar Gorgeous have flourished from start to finish. RuPaul declares them the top two of the competition at this point it’s splitting hairs for who to win. It’s a lipsync to the crown, which always feels a bit anticlimactic it never really seals the deal for the winner. But here we are lipsyncing to “This is My Life” By Shirley Bassey.

A theatrical number suitable for a finale and perfect for two animated queen’s we get strong performances from both. And the winner of this year’s RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four……is Danny Beard!! A well-deserved win and a strong competitor from the very start. 

There we have another Drag Race UK wrapped up. Were you happy with who won? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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