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The Week in Drag

The Week In Drag (11/25/2022)

The drag world is moving a mile a minute these days! If you’re worried you might have missed some of the week’s biggest stories, we understand. That’s where The Week in Drag comes in, your weekly look at the biggest stories unfolding in the drag scene. From shocking moments that unfold in the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise to what’s going on in your local scene, we’ve got you covered!

See Jinkx Monsoon on Broadway!

Our Queen of All Queens, Jinkx Monsoon, is taking her acting chops to Broadway! She will be the first drag queen to star as Matron “Mama” Morton in Chicago! You can catch her in the eight-week run of the show on January 16th through March 12th at The Ambassador Theater. Congrats, Jinkx!

Vicky Chavarria wins Revry’s “Drag Latina”!

Condragulations to Guatamala’s own Vicky Chavarria on winning the first season of Revry’s original series Drag Latina! Let’s hope a season two is in the works but in the meantime, stream the whole season here!

Shangela’s run on Dancing With the Stars concludes with an important message

Although Shangela may not have won the Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars, she broke barriers as the first drag performer to appear on the American version of the show. She also used her final time on the show to share a heartwarming message about the devastating Colorado Springs shooting.

“The emotions have been heavy because there’s a lot going on in our world and in our country,” she shared. “There was a mass shooting, a horrible tragedy that happened in Colorado Springs. And baby let me tell you something, an attack on the LGBTQ community cannot be supported.”

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The Week In Drag (11/25/2022) 5

“This moment right here is about sharing more love and less hate, and hopefully we can start celebrating each other’s differences and not being divided,” she continued. “My heart and condolences go out to everyone whose lives were lost, who were affected. But just know, there is hope, baby.” – Shangela

Eureka O’Hara shares thoughts on Colorado shooting tragedy with TMZ

Following the devastating shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs that took the lives of five of our queer siblings, Eureka O’Hara got to share an important message with a mainstream media outlet. She told the publication that propaganda and fear-mongering are risking queer people’s safety daily. She made it clear that there is no LGBTQ+ agenda, especially not one involving children like Republicans seem to think. She spread an important message to TMZ’s audience.

Trixie Motel comes to HBO Max

If you missed out on the iconic motel renovation show, Trixie Motel, starring legend, icon, and star Trixie Mattel, you can catch up with the show on HBO Max! The show starts streaming this December! Until then, check out our recaps written by Kristy Bright!

Drag Race UK has a top 4!
Back Peppa, Danny Beard, Cheddar Gorgeous, and Jonbers Blonde have made it to the top four for Season 4 of Drag Race UK. Which team are you on? Let us know in the comments below. Check out Kirsty’s recap to find out who won!

Miss Renaissance Crowns their Court!

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Miss Renaissance Rising Star, Izayah Monroe & YoYo Blackfire, the new Mr & Miss Renaissance Opulence Ontario St James & LaToya Iman Davenport and the new Mr & Miss Renaissance Exotic Lord & Chasity Ross Starr

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The Week In Drag (11/25/2022) 5

Show Biz

If you’re in Tucson, AZ on a Saturday night, you have to check out “Saturday Night Starrlets” at IBT’s! Showtime is 9 pm and features Janeé Starr and friends!

Now you’re caught up on The Week in Drag! Did you see an amazing pageant and want to share the results? Did you see a show that had you shook as the kids say? Is there a big story in your local drag scene you want to share? Send us an email ( and it might be featured in a future edition of The Week in Drag!

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