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Drag Queens

Call Me Mother (S02 E06)

Call Me Mother loves to test its competitors to the max, kickstarting with each competitor stationed behind their sewing machine. Out struts Lucinda Mew and Wig Zaddy, who challenges them to a drag vantage sew-off. Using sewing machines provided by Penelope, they have just 15 minutes to create an outfit out of the fabric provided. This is a great mini-challenge besides throwing them in the deep end it’s also encouraging it to be bad. I think they all did great considering the cards they were dealt. Jenna Seppa has a concept and that is a ’90s girl at the rodeo. My brows were raised when Lucinda mentions how Jenna’s “Kept her fanny well covered.” In the UK let’s say that word is not used for the behind, it made me laugh, and the humor flows well with everyone.

So who won the best of the worst… Pepper! Her multi-colored tulle creation won the judges over, and their prize is their very own sewing machine.

This week’s challenge is assigned and an opportunity for the children to play with each other! Digging into the sparkly ball bag of fate, they each pick a color, and whoever color matches are a team. After saying they’d be excited to work with someone outside their house Justin Abit ends up with fellow sister Makayla Coutoure. Pulling the blue ball lands Weebee with Jessie Précieuse these two are my favorites due to their chaotic creativity. Leaving Jenna and Pepper another wonderful duo. 

For their showcase, they must create an acting improv skit. The premise of the routine is made from three (badly acted) scenes from Sci-Fi films. First up is Plan 9 from the Outer Space, and Jessie proclaims “What is going on I’m so confused.” Same, I’m not sure what the idea is, but I am sure it’s going to be great regardless. They must come up with their storyline concept from their given scene. As the winner Pepper gets to assign roles, this would be a chance to be shady. But this cast is so full of love the roles are given equally. Makayla and Justin get “Teenagers from Outer Space.” Weebee and Jessie get “Planet 9,”, leaving “Wasp Woman” to Pepper and Jenna.

As it’s an open-acting challenge, it’s up to the contestants to decide the concept and storyline. Instead of working with their drag mothers, they get to work with other house mothers. A great idea, it’s cool to see how each team feeds off new ideas and advice. Everyone’s ideas are chaotic and mad, but Weebee and Jessie plan to do accents. This can go one or two ways, and I really want them to succeed. Consulting on outfit ideas with Wig Zaddy, Lucinda Mew, and Connor, Jessie gives a taste of her UK accent. It’s… interesting I dont go up north to manchester often, but I’m confident they don’t sound like that. But A+ for effort, Weebee plans to go Australian and the accent is more recognizable.

A rehearsal consultation takes place before Landon Cider and Farrah N Hyte. Let me say I love the chaos of the scenes ahead. I’m perplexed and unsure of what’s happening but it makes for fun viewing. The runway theme is childhood characters, out first on the catwalk is Jessie as a psychic fairy. I’m not wild about the outfit, but what I do love about Jessie is her makeup. Jessie has the ability to change her face up so beautifully and unrecognizable. The judge’s critiques are probably on the harsher side in this episode, I agree with the comments though. 

For the House of Harmony, Jenna pops out as a 90’s cartoon dream, it’s a space oddity. To me, it reminded me of Lizzie Mcguire and her cartoon ego that would appear as a running commentary. I have nothing against Weebee’s outfit, but the concept missed the mark for me. I think for another theme it would be great, perhaps it was green, it’s one my least favorite colors. Pepper appears as a Bridgerton character, it’s very fitting for that role. The concept is regal, and I love the gown, as the judges mention the fan could be a tiny bit bigger. But in these period dramas, you do tend to see smaller fans, the Downton Abbey fan in me is talking. Makalays runway is a Canadian horror story, and she’s a sexy siren decked in red, and trickling blood. Justin Abit comes out in a contrasting circus ringleader, he looks fantastic and you get the concept straight away. 

Time for the film duet showcase to begin, but before it begins Peppermint visits the competitors preparing for the second round. This week they’ve been scored individually, Peppermint wants to remind them how far they’ve all come and to have fun. The makeover fairies come to provide outfits and wigs for their showcase.

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Call Me Mother (S02 E06) 3

Up first blasting from a sci-fi space dream is Jessie and Weebee in plan 9 from outer space. These two twins present two Karens who wish to speak to the manager. It’s giving 80’s stay-at-home mums who sell Avon products Jessie decided to stick with her Manchester accent.

Wasp Woman duo Weebee and Pepper are chaotic and fruity. An action-packed routine is full of comedic slaps and hand choreography. Our last duo is Makayla and Justin in an Oprah Winfrey setup. You get a lobster, and you get a lobster. Justin acts up like a lobster whos interviewed about his troubled life. They work well together, and the script is punchy and flows well. Scores are given and the bottom three are Makayla, Weebee, and Jenna. We unfortunately say goodbye to Jenna, which is a big shock. I saw her going further and enjoyed her humor and what she brought to the show.

We’re down to the top five who do you want to see win? Let us know in the comments!

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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