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Drag King

Call Me Mother (S02 E07)

It’s the final five and what a creative diverse lineup we’re left with. Today’s drag vantage challenge is provided by daft boy. Provided with personalized harnesses, it’s their time to showcase just how gorgeous they are. Greeted by aunty Farra N Hyte, and photographer Quinton Cruickshanks. Using their imagination, morph suits, and a dream the contestants are to create a scene for their photoshoot. Provided with materials and padding, they get a lesson into the illusion of body. This mini-challenge is intense, it’s a lot to do in a short space of just 20 minutes, create pads and character.

This mini-challenge is honestly bonkers. The looks, the screens, and the characters are all crazy but I love it. The winner is Weebee, who wins $1,000. With the mini challenge complete we get to sell, sell, sell in this week’s maxi challenge ‘Sellable Me.’ Creating infomercials they have just two minutes on stage to sell themselves as call me mothers finalists. A great challenging idea, what better way to promote than yourself?

Alongside the floor show, the runway theme this week is Queer Joy. Like the challenge is a fantastic concept. The ideas flow between the children and their mothers, and the House of Harmonie has the most thought-out and gorgeous outfits. Weebee is stealing my heart with a bright pink tulle number, and Pepper paying homage to the iconic and important figure Marsha P. Johnson. 

Over in the House of Dulcet and Maklaya Couture plans to bring her dancing skills into the ring for her infomercial. I love what Maklaya brings to the floor show every week Justin Abit is airing their concerns about being tapped out. Creative burnout is a thing, and bringing that raw emotion to the challenge can be a great thing. 

The salon is here to help bring those creative queer outfits to life. Everyone has detailed plans showing how prepared these competitors are. Just by hearing the concepts of outfits and wigs, I’m most intrigued to see Weebee’s, Makayla, and Jessie Precieuse. With Jessie choosing a power suit constructed to her body I love this concept, we get to see her stepping outside her comfort zone

It’s Queer joy on the runway starting with the house of dulcet. Maklaya walks out in a high concept number of breaking the chains of others’ opinions. A radiation figure in her beautiful gown, representing black trans woman. This look is one of my favorites from her and the competition so far. Justin Abit is a rainbow gnome, in fact, it looks like a rainbow threw up on them, but it is a fun number and to celebrate joy which it did. The house of harmony shines with Weebe out first I love the top and the deliverance on the runway. 

Another queen here to sell the garment in a high-energy number is Pepper in her Marsha-inspired outfit. Both queens are half-naked and basking in their joy for the house of harmony. Last out for the house of glass is Jessie breaking out her coffee pot – literally. Her queer joy is iced coffee, a different route than others and I love it. I would have liked to of seen her step out of the pot with a reveal. 

A lot of emotions are flowing back in the dressing room, with Justin convinced he’s the one going home this week. Pepper is great at comforting them it’s so close to the final and emotions will be high as self-doubt kicks in. 

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Call Me Mother (S02 E07) 3

It’s showcase time, and the judges have a chance to tap a tip on each artist’s squares. Tips are valued at five, 10, and 15, with 20 and 25 being the highest tips/score. Out first is Weebee who is a whirlwind of chaos and comedy I loved the outfit. For me, the highlights of the showcase were Makayla who gave outfit reveals, comedy and splits. Jessies sells herself as a seductress, making a comedy routine infomercial. I liked the route that Justin went in although slightly rushed it was to the point with valid points made. Pepper saunts out in a silky number and delivers us a pitch on who Pepper is. It’s a fun sales pitch, thought through with a strong delivery. 

The tips are totaled and the winner this week is Weebee wins a cash prize of $2,500. But the person who will sadly be leaving us is Justin Abit. A sad departure so close to the final, a strong competitor with a vicarious personality and great drag style. So we have our final four who are you all rooting for?

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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