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Stephanie Prince Chats Her ‘Canada’s Drag Race vs The World’ Journey & Her Path To Ru-Demption

The Canada’s Drag Race vs. The World cast is star studded, and the Canada’s Drag Race alumni in the cast are a tight-knit and super talented group. Stephanie Prince (Canada’s Drag Race Season 2) has departed the competition, but her back to back runs on Drag Race have given her some true life lessons. I sat down to chat with this Canadian stunner about her Drag Race runs, how it might have felt to pick a lipstick to eliminate a fellow sister, and her big future plans!

Michael Cook: What was your Canada’s Drag Race vs. The World experience like?

Stephanie Prince: I honestly had so much fun doing it. This time around, I felt like I had more fun than the original season. The original season, I had no idea what I was doing, nobody has an idea what they’re doing (laughs)! When I was eliminated on my original season I cried so hard, I was depressed. This time around, coming back I knew what was going on, I’ve seen it on tv, and I went in and still didn’t know what I was doing (laughs)! I had so much more fun and got to meet great new people, bigger names, I got to meet some big names! I had fun; so I’m not gonna cry.

MC: Your initial run on Canada’s Drag Race was not that long ago, so what did you want to do differently this time around?

SP: just wanted to have fun. I got the call and was like “I need to redeem myself”. When they called me they didn’t even finish the sentence it was like “yes”! I just had fun, and I really wanted to have fun.

MC: What was it like coming back in after your season and meeting names like Silky Nutmeg Ganache and Victoria Scone who not only are RuPaul’s Drag Race sisters of yours, but are people that you have become fans of yourself now, and vice versa?

SP: It’s very trippy. They are so talented, they’re big names and they have way more fans than me. It is very scary, you go in and it’s like “I love you guys, you are my idols” especially Ra’Jah (O’Hara). The fact that I am competing against them is just crazy! You know what?-I am kind of glad that I lost (laughs)!

MC: Did the fact that you were voting each other off as opposed to being voted off by the judges add a different layer of stress to the competition for you?

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Stephanie Prince Chats Her 'Canada's Drag Race vs The World' Journey & Her Path To Ru-Demption 5

SP: That is what Iceis (Couture) did (laughs)! She took the friendship out of it and sent me home. Honestly, I don’t know (how it feels) since I never got to pick a lipstick. If I had gotten to pick a lipstick, I honestly don’t know what I would have done because I never got to experience it. I don’t know what I would have done, it’s probably one of those decisions you have to make on the spot. It’s part of the game, someone has to go home; it’s a competition.

MC: is it surreal to look back at your Drag Race career trajectory so far with all that you’ve accomplished?

SP: It’s very surreal yes. I get to do Drag Race twice in the span of one year. It’s very crazy, it’s like “Oh my God I’m going this again, putting my body and mind into a more stressful situation”! I finished Season 2 and then six months later they asked me to do it again; it’s crazy!

MC: What do you have planned next now that you have a truly global platform?

SP: I have something cooking up, I can’t talk about it yet. I just can’t wait to travel the world with my sisters and meet all of the fans; I am really excited for that!

MC: Drag does not hide who you are, it reveals who you are; what does your drag reveal who you are?

SP: For me, drag is all about giving happiness to people. I found out about myself that if I am in drag, I am the happiest. If I am the most happiest, it is where I can give happiness to people as well. I love drag so much; that is when I can entertain and give smiles to so many people!

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Stephanie Prince Chats Her 'Canada's Drag Race vs The World' Journey & Her Path To Ru-Demption 5
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