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Dragula: “Horror Icons Reanimated” (S05 E08)

Round eight has arrived, and the wrestling still hasn’t finished or so it feels. After last week’s explosive episode we said goodbye to Melissa Befierce who decided to leave the competition. Back in the workroom, and the ghouls talk about what happened, Koko Caine enters and tensions are rife. 

Get ready for the next 26 minutes of emotion-filled, high-energy arguing or shall we call them discussions? Koco accuses everyone of not being there for Melissa and letting the sisterhood down. Shouting comes down to low-level talking and agreements are made to converse instead of arguing. With that cleared the Boulets call their ghouls to the main stage for this week’s challenge. It’s a season four challenge reimagined, they must take a horror icon and reimagine it to their interpretation. Unlike season four, the finale will be a three-ghoul affair. Meaning two will be sent home today, the repercussions from the double save have arrived. 

For this week’s fright feast why not increase the tensions with a lie detector test? Strapped in they must answer truthfully or feel the shock of volts coursing through their body. We see some truths arrive in the form of Astrud Aurelia admitting she doesn’t think she’s top three material. That Koko doesn’t believe anyone is sabotaging her drag, Hoso Terra Toma loves Abhora and Victoria Elizabeth Black loves herself. Evah Destruction doesn’t trust her competitors none of them trust one another. 

So with truth declared and differences aside we finally get to see some drag. Hoso is doing a reworking of the iconic Japanese horror The Ring. Koco won’t share her concepts, style, or vision only that if we don’t know the horror icon then that’s on us. In between working on their outfits, we get some cast member bonding time. Koko declares a trust fall exercise, it all goes well and trust is restored. Seeing Evah fall into Hoso’s arms was just a tad worrying, but everyone descends into scream-queen acting. Think these scenes show what a sisterhood they are, it’s playful, stupid, and look like a bunch of siblings having fun. 

It’s floorshow time and the glamour ghouls are ready for their horror icon reimagine runway. We have two very special guests this week. Mr. Joe Bob Briggs famous for his wonderful content on shudder in the form of podcasts, film criticism, and comedy performances. Joining Joe is vampire hunter Harvey Guillen star of What We Do in the Shadows. Out first is Koko and her horror icon is… obvious, isn’t it? It’s the Boulet Brothers. A bold and daring choice to come out as the hosts, the look is cohesive and recognizable. The standout is next Hoso emerging from the well and crawling creepily out of a TV box set. This look is horrific their hair is entwined in VHS reels, Victoria Elizabeth Black is the Crypt Keeper. The prosthetics alone are fantastic, but also incredibly horrifying to the point where she’s unrecognizable. What I always love is the intricate details that come into her drag. 

Evah goes down the route of Mars Attacks, and the concept is strong, as it’s an identifiable character. However compared to the others it does lack slightly, the prosthetics proceed to droop whilst performing. Alongside Evah, Astrud’s look is strong and is the follow-up to her Alien Vs Predator look. With the competition so close everything is being judged down to the buttons. This is the case this week with two people going home. Critiquing the ghouls, the Boulets declare Hoso the winner of this week’s challenge, and also through to the finale. The other competitor will face the staircase of souls in pairs. The cauldron is on the tamer side for a change, we do see Astrud have a little cry. The possibility of not appearing on the Dragula tour has her emotional. The others however are strong and fighting their case why they should say.

The day of doom is here, and the first two up are Astrud and Koko. Plummeting into the dark we say goodbye to Astrud, next pair is Victoria and Evah. The second ghoul leaving is Evah, leaving us with a very strong final three. It’s a tough one to call they’ve all won challenges, raised the bar with concepts, and brought the drama. So tune in next week to see who the new supermonster will be. Who’s team are you on? Let us know below. 

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Dragula: “Horror Icons Reanimated” (S05 E08) 1
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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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