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Drag King

Call Me Mother (S02 E08)

Get on your best dressed and get ready for the top four who will be crowned the next child of Call Me Mother. It’s an intimate setting and we are joined by a special guest to keep it a family affair. Here to join in is Call Me Mother‘s season 1 winner Toddy, looking every inch a glamorous winner. 

Out first to sit down and talk about their Call Me Mother experience is Makayla Cotoure, looking as fab as ever serving a sleek outfit. Talking about what they brought to the competition, I think we can all agree the level of talent Makalaya brought was extraordinary. From the House of Dulcet is Jessie Precauise, who proclaims how she doe he weather reporting job in drag. I really love the energy that she’s brought to the competition. Bringing spice to the show is Pepper looking like a grunge queen, and last but not least the ball of energy that is Weebee. Looking every inch like a girl group member pop princess. 

Talking of who’s going to win, I do think it’s a tough one each contestant brings something unique to the competition. For me, Makayla and Weebee have that slight edge that I love to see in drag, so either one deserves the crown. It’s Q&A time, and it resembles that of a reunion show with eliminated artists from throughout the competition popping up. The first question is “Who’s Drag was the most surprising to you?” Everyone points to Jessie, and the eliminated artists also choose Jessie. 

Via Facetime, the mothers give some final words of encouragement to their children amidst their upcoming win. It’s a love fest, Barbuda mother of the house of harmony sends her love and wisdom to her remaining two children. Crystal send her love from vacation time in Lake Tahoe living her best life. Peppermint gushes over how Maklaya has grown over the competition and become a well-rounded entertainer. 

Next week we see who goes home with the crown, scepter, and grand prize, it looks set to be hectic, chaotic, and full of love as always. So who do you want to WIN?

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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