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RuPaul’s Drag Race: Canada vs. The World “The Grand Finale” (S02 E06)

The day has come, dust off your finest outfit and get ready for the grand finale of Canada Vs the World. Fresh off her lipsync win Rita Baga explains she saved Silky Nutmeg Ganache due to their pact, and Vanity Milan’s track record. The votes this season have been very fair in comparison to last season which I’ve enjoyed. It’s allowed everyone to shine, and for fan favorites to get their well-deserved redemption. Victoria Scone reveals she too picked Vanity to leave the competition had she won. 

Last day in the werkroom for their mini challenge, the queens are to prepare for a little photo shoot with none other than Monet X Change. The All-Stars 4 winner is there to conduct mini-interviews about their time on the show. I love Monet, she’s such an all-rounder queen who can proceed to do anything and has performed one of my favorite lipsyncs. Each queen gets their shining moment aboard their lipstick rocket. Each one has had a different experience, I’m happy Victoria has had her moment to shine. As for Silky, her experience leading from season 11 to now has been quite the journey. Finally finding her light, and getting to experience the show as she intended. For me, the top two are between Silky and Victoria, and we’ll see all four compete in a lipsync smackdown.

Past smackdowns have been interesting, and I do think it’s a good way to see just what they can do. I don’t think the crowning should be based on this alone, of course, it factors in slightly. In the werkroom, the queens talk about their first impressions, and it’s a love fest. The conversations are light-hearted sprinkled with a little bit of shade. They get ready for their final runway which is the Coronation extravaganza. On the judging panel, we’re joined by guest judge Monet X change looking gorgeous. I love seeing past drag race alumni on the panel, it should become more of a regular thing. 

Speaking of past drag race alumni, we have the eliminated queens back to walk the runway. Kendall Gender’s outfit was pure Lady Gaga’s Chromatica and I loved it. Each queen looked fantastic, this season may of been short but it was definitely sweet.

Out first on the runway is Silky in a stunning gown, but for me, the wow factor came in the form of that wig. Stacked sky high, and in the words of silky “The taller the hair, the closer to god.” out next is Rajah O’Hara in her signature purple, draped in satin the sleeves draw your eye in. Victoria steals the runway, coming out in a royal velvet crown. Shimmying down the runway as the queen she is, it’s out of the box it’s conceptual and so well executed.  Rita comes out in a silvery sparkly number.

We normally get the iconic baby photo speeches on the mainstage, but this season we get their photoshoot with Monet. Each queen has come leaps and bounds since their original season, and Silky discusses her attitude since season 11…. Which was four years ago. Time is a concept. Victoria makes a passionate speech, and for the first time in drag, race history proposes to her girlfriend Dani. A lovely way to round off her drag race journey, let’s hope she says yes! The main takeaway from these speeches, is their self believe, confidence has gone up, but also just how troll-like the fandom has become. It’s incredibly sad to see how dark times have got for them and to be scared for their careers and themselves. 

Let the smackdown commence, as Rita won last week’s number, she gets to choose the first box which is “Broken Bones.” Victoria picks the next track which is Nelly Furtados’ “Do It” in which she will battle against Rajah. Leaving Silky with Rita, up first let’s do it, now this is a tight lipsync. It’s high energy, and I can see Rajah is going to win this, it’s deserved, but Victoria dominated the competition so it feels bittersweet not seeing her advance to the next round. Leaving Silky and Rita to break out and fight for the final place in the top two.

As expected Silky does what she does best, and that commands the stage. Rita puts up a good fight with her sultry moves. Silky win the smackdown and is now an American finale for the crown. I like how this moment has come full circle for both Rita and Silky. Both had a tough time off the back of season 11, but now closed and healed they prepare for the last lipsync of the season. It’s a great song that suits both of their styles. It’s Celine Dion’s “River deep, mountain high.” I loved what they did, it was fun, and they gave us a great performance.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race: Canada vs. The World "The Grand Finale" (S02 E06) 3

I can’t call who will win, double crown them but of course, that doesn’t go down well in the fandom. The time has come and the winner of Canada’s Drag Race Vs The World is Rajah ‘O Hara! A well deserved win, her journey from season 11 to now has been nothing but growth. Let the purple reign begin!

What did you think of this season? And are you happy with the reigning queen? Let us know below!

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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