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Dragula: “Titans Grand Finale”(S05 E09)

A top three grand finale has arrived in the boudoir this week for the final time. After the shocking double elimination of Astrud Aurelia and Evah Destruction. Our top three Victoria Elizabeth Black, Koko Caine, and Hoso Terra Toma gather to discuss the double elimination. They agreed with saying goodbye to Asutrd, however, shocked at seeing Evah plummet. This season has without a doubt been explosive, dramatic, and shocking and has seen unexpected twists. So for one last time, let’s see what the Boulets have in store for the finale.

Part of this week’s challenge is joining the Boulets on their Podcast ‘Creatures of the night’ all three are there to spill all the gossip on their experiences. Firstly let’s address how handsome Koko looks in their suit, each has dressed accordingly for the podcast. It’s an open and honest discussion, reflecting on their time during the competition. There have been some explosive moments, and iconic scenes this season. 

For the floor show, they must create a piece, conceptualize and choreograph the Boulets new song ‘Ascension.’ Each queen gets to show a small glimpse into their thought process. Koko showcases many pieces that will go into her final outfit, and Hoso talks us through her monster insect idea. We get to see them construct pieces, this is what I wish we could see more of during Dragula. This season was on fire with drama and conflict, this cast has some incredible ideas. To see more of what goes into making pieces and prosthetics would be a really insightful and interesting watch. As always Victoria’s set the bar high with her creation and her intention to bring it to life. 

Our final floor show begins with an intense arrival from the Boulets, showcasing just why they are at the top of their game. We kickstart with an eerie tv showing home videos with Victoria appearing and ripping the heart of the child you know from that alone it’s going to be incredible. Leading us to Koco casually rendering the flesh of a poor victim. The outfit is spectacular, it’s freaky and incredibly scary. Her interpretation of the Black Widow is exactly how you’d expect, horrific. Another horrifying insect arrives as Hoso is ready to fly out in her cocooned moth-defying fly outfit. Each performance is horrifying, conceptualized but more important jaw-dropping, it’s what Dragula is about. This is what sets it apart from other competitors, and why it’s become so successful. 

The Boulets Dragula being their judging amongst themselves, the show itself has climbed to success, and gone leaps to bounds in various ways. Both discuss what chapter one has done for them. Starting from a small production full of an incredibly talented cast from the start. To reach an all-star cast, and in the fifth season dominate the drag scene. I can’t wait to see what these ghouls do next, and what hell the Boulets choose to unleash on us the fans. We get no joining judges, nor do we have the ghouls onstage to hear feedback. The last few minutes do feel chopped together and almost rushed. 

Spiriting through the corridor of death, we see the ghouls of the dead. Hung photos with memorable one-liners provided by said ghoul, leading to the chapel of flowers and a coronation frame. The winner of the Boulet Brothers Meet The Titans is…. Victoria Elizabeth Black. Whilst I’m happy with who won, the crowning moment felt a bit anti-climatic, I understand the concept. But it almost felt random and a little rushed, or that time ran out for production. 

That aside Victoria has finally received that long-awaited crown, a well-deserved win. Proven time and time again why fans love to see her compete in Dragula, she’s bold, daring, and puts looks out there leaving a strong imprint. What did you think of this season, did the right queen win for YOU? Let us know in the comments below.

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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