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Pixie Polite Talks Her ‘Drag Race UK’ Run, What Her Drag Reveals About Her, & Children’s Books

Pixie Polite might have left RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 4 short of being in the Top Four, but she departed the competition with an enhanced confidence, new sisters, and a possible new career as a children’s book author. I sat down to chat with this gorgeous and eclectic doll about her run on Drag Race UK, her highs and lows in the competition, and what she has planned as she embarks on multiple tours to wrap up an exciting year!

Michael Cook: How has your post Drag Race UK life been so far and how do you look back on your own experience? 

Pixie Polite: Well right now, I am slowly recovering from a long weekend of partying after my elimination (laughs). I think overall, I found my experience to be very positive, I really enjoyed myself while I was there. I did well in the competition, I made some great friends, and I got some great feedback from the judges. I am very happy with how I’ve done. When I was eliminated, I was kind of full of joy and gratitude for having been there. 

MC: This year’s cast of Drag Race UK had a unique array of queens, both high profile and fresh faced queens, and showcased a diverse array of styles of drag. Do you think that was important to the competition? 

PP: I definitely think so yes, It makes for a more interesting competition, there is more variety. Overall the cast has been very very strong. I think it is good to have a mixture of some established names and some wild cards, newer or less established queens that might surprise you and I think Dakota (Schiffer) is an example of that this year. Someone who was not super established, but did very very well. 

MC: When did you know that drag would be much more than a hobby and actually your career? 

PP: I started drag about eight years ago and I have been full time now for about five years. I’ve always loved to perform and before I found drag, I studied drama at university. I had never found a way to channel the way to be on the stage and be creative. When I found drag,  it very quickly became something that I loved and wanted to do for the rest of my life. The only reason I didn’t go full time straight away was because I was a bit scared of making the jump. I don’t regret at all making it drag my career and I am very thankful for having found it. Before I started drag, I wasn’t aware of drag, I hadn’t seen RuPaul’s Drag Race, it sort of all happened by accident. But it has been a very happy accident. 

MC: Never having seen ‘Drag Race’ is such a rare quality among queens of today, but it is refreshing at the same time. 

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Pixie Polite Talks Her 'Drag Race UK' Run, What Her Drag Reveals About Her, & Children's Books 5

PP: No, I had actually been doing drag for about six months before I even started watching Drag Race. I don’t think I’d even heard of it, I think Season 7 was on when I started out, so that was the first season I watched. 

MC: From your Drag Race UK, experience what are your rose and thorn? 

PP: I think my highest high was probably episode four with the improv challenge. I remember being so proud that week, I had won the mini-challenge, I had picked a group that was all in the top, I myself was in the top, I’d done really really well and I was really proud of my runway as well, I felt absolutely gorgeous. I think for me, that was probably my favorite episode of the whole experience.

My least favorite is probably for me, the Snatch Game. It’s something that I had thought that I would be okay at, and I sort of flopped quite hard. I think just at that point in the competiton, since we had been there several weeks at that point, I just sort of let the fatigue of the experience get to me and I started to get into my head. I think you can see that from that point onwards, I am in the bottom the week after that. I never really get back up to the level of placement that I was in Episode Four or Five. Just because I was exhausted; I am not the most fit young lady (laughs)! 

MC: What do you want to do with the global platform that Drag Race UK has afforded you? 

PP: I just released a brand new single called “Give It To Ya” which is available on streaming platforms everywhere. Music and performing is something that I have always loved so I have a lot of touring and performing planned. We have the official Season 4 tour happening, but I also have got several other tours happening, I am about to go on tour in a couple days for Christmas, which is exciting. I’ve got lots of other things planned, I am hoping to do some more television work and I am hoping to write some children’s books as well. It is something that I have always wanted to do in my everyday life and thanks to an opportunity like Drag Race, it might actually happen. 

MC: Drag reveals who you are, it does not hide who you are. What do you think drag reveals about you? 

PP: I think drag for me has always helped me unleash my inner confidence. That is something that through drag, it has bled over into my civilian life. It has helped me come leaps and bounds into how I am as a person. I think for me from an outside perspective, my time on the show probably reveals someone who is up for a laugh, a little bit insecure, but hopefully someone that people like. 

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Pixie Polite Talks Her 'Drag Race UK' Run, What Her Drag Reveals About Her, & Children's Books 5
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