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Call Me Mother (S02 E09) – The Grand Finale

Call Me Mother season two has been a whirlwind of talent, tears, comfort, and a fresh source of joy to watch for viewers. We’ve reached the finale and we get to see just why the final four are at the top, so let’s say hello to Makayla Couture, Weebee, Pepper, and Jessie Preciurse. 

Each artist truly brings something different to the competition which is what makes this competition so unique. The mothers are looking exceptionally stunning for the finale particularly Crystal and her sparkly seductive red number complete with fire. 

This week the children get to share the stage with their drag mothers and perform side by side. Pepper will perform the 90’s classic hit “Lovefool” by The Cardigans with Barbada. Crystal will perform a disco number with her excitable child Jessie with “If You could read my mind.” The next number reveal I’m most excited for Peppermint will be showcasing the disco legendary song by Thelma HoustonDon’t Leave Me This Way” with Makayla. It’s fair to say they are without a doubt going to tear the stage up. Weebee will get to perform The Go-Go’s We Got The Beat”. I think each song fits both mother and their child perfectly. Each number is going to be high energy and send the show off on a high.

In the salon the artists are back working with the legendary team of Lucinda Mew, I’ve loved seeing their style I love mesh and this outfit is so stunning. Outfits are coming to life and ideas are fulfilled, the brief is for the final look to showcase their drag style and identity on their drag evolution. A fantastic theme, as the competition is embodied perfectly through each competitor that’s been on the stage. Weebee’s vision is to think if a lizard was a biker who went to a red-carpet event. This is my kind of drag. On the other end of the spectrum Pepper plans to showcase glamour, and cocktail evening dresses as a signature pepper shaker. Their earrings alone are fantastic, and once again two different artists in the House of Harmonie showcasing the diversity in ideas and concepts we love to see it. 

Each artist gets to sit and chat with host Dallas about their time on the show. Hitting the runway to begin the show mother-and-daughter Barbuda and Pepper in matching showgirl outfits. Barbuda encapsulates the role of the ‘cool mom’ keeping up with the choreography. Up next out of breaking the glass are Crystal and Jessie, I love the energy between them both in the interview and runway. Beginning with RIP Crystal, the routine steps up a gear when the ghost of Crystal arises. The routine is lewd, it’s mayhem and I loved the reveal of matching outfits. For me, the next routine is my favorite, the way Peppermint and Makayla perform is heartwarming. The story is conveyed beautifully and executes the emotion perfectly. Of course, Makalyas pink cladded disco outfit I adore, both shine and are the standouts. Stepping up to the rebellion cause is Weebee as every teacher’s worst nightmare. The scene playing out between her and Barbuda is reminiscent of a scene straight out of a musical. 

The time has come to see the final runway which highlights their drag evolution during the competition and out first is Makayla. This is pure princess, queen, and goddess in one, it screams winner. Pepper struts out and one thing I always love about her runway is she knows how to make the most of the runway. Not an inch is lost or forgotten, and out next as a walking cloud surrounded by stars is Jessie. Her runway doesn’t walk she simply floats across the stage. Finally out last is a sultry walk showcasing their PVC floor-length gown, which is our lizard queen Weebee. Seeing the final four line up each outfit truly encapsulates each of their individuality, and a tough decision is to be made. The feedback is positive and emotional, Makayla for 19 years old, truly knows how to achieve her dreams. She has the confidence I wish I had at that age. Everyone’s determination and courage are once again what I love about the contestants. It falls to decision-making where the judges and mothers cast their vote via ballot. With the votes counted the winner of Call Me Mother season 2 is… Weebee! 

A well-deserved win, as they brought a weird and wonderful direction of drag that I love. Both mother and child get crowned and sashed and I love the feel of this crowning. It’s family orientated, and this is a competition that truly feels like everyone is supportive of one another. Season two was a wonderful watch and a testament that all drag can be featured on a competition tv show. Hopefully Out TV will bring a third season to our screens before long as I know I’ll be watching! 

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Kirsty Bright is a copywriter and freelancer living across the pond in the U.K.. Her free time is used wisely by spending too much money on drag shows and getting distracted watching YouTube series UNHhhh.

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