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RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race: “One Night Only” (S15 E01)

We’re back, baby! RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15 is here and the opening episode did not disappoint. 

You know the drill by now. All the queens walked into the Werkroom and coined their catchphrases of the season. Irene Debois and Luxx Noir London kicked off the episode by arguing over how long Luxx’s wig was. Marcia Marcia Marcia did it for me, walking in and making reference to Marcia Brady’s run-in with the football. Also, I have to give it up for my hometown queen, Princess Poppy who came in and said, “I’m homo… phobic.” 

Malaysia Babydoll Fox dished that she is a celebrity makeup artist when she’s not doing drag. Of course, Sasha Colby wowed us all. And then, dressed as Vivacious as Ornacia, it was Ariana Grande! Marcia lost her mind, having already shared that she was a huge fan of hers. It was perfect all around.

Then, RuPaul walked in and shared that this season $200,000 is on the line! The queens would also be paying tribute to Season 1, recreating the first-ever mini-challenge. If you recall, that includes getting sprayed in the face with a hose. Anetra struggled with the water and had one of the best lines of the episode, calling it RuPaul’s Waterboarding Race.

Back in the Werkroom, Ru announced that Irene won the first mini-challenge of the season and that the first maxi-challenge will be, you guessed it, a talent show! However, there was a twist, the queens had to choreograph an opening number to kick off the show. Aura Mayari was ready to take over the role of choreographer, but Marcia and Sasha also had experience. So, they showed off their ideas and let the queens decide. It just went in circles.

While they were doing that, Ru had other plans. There was a whole other group of queens entering the workroom, starting with legendary LA queen, Salina EsTitties. Amethyst and Jax bonded over being from Connecticut, but they weren’t the only ones. Loosey LaDuca is also from the state! And, she’s a construction worker by day. Then came Mistress Isabelle Brooks who came prepared with small heels to avoid ankle breaks. 

Wait, just when we thought it was over, the Connecticut invasion isn’t over. Robin Fierce came in and she looked beautiful. Then came Sugar and Spice, the first twins in Drag Race herstory, who Salina called “Maria Kate and Ashley.” 

Instead of Ariana, Vivacious walked in wearing the Ornancia suit, which is better, in my opinion. 

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RuPaul's Drag Race: "One Night Only" (S15 E01) 5

This group of queens recreated Season 2’s motorcycle shots. Salina was hilarious. Poor Robin got the feathers stuck in her lip gloss. Spice put on a shower cap instead of her wig, which was… a choice. In the end, Loosey won the challenge.

The second group learned about the talent show and their own choreography challenge. However, it wasn’t only them involved in the big opening. They were introduced to the other queens as they were rehearsing. Oh, and someone is getting eliminated, even though the last few seasons have saved the queens on night one! This, of course, made the process even more frustrating.

Everyone was ready for the talent show, but the twins couldn’t find their wigs and were the last to get ready. Some were convinced one of them would be going home.

The queens performed in front of Ru, Ariana, Michelle Visage, and Ross Mathews. A lot of queens lip synced to original songs. Loosey sang live, and it was an interesting choice. Marcia did an interpretive dance dedicated to Ross, which was incredible. Irene made a glass of ice water, but the comedy didn’t hit. 

Anetra lip synced to an original song but she was breaking boards on stage, standing out from the rest of the crowd. Princess Poppy’s puppet routine was weird and wonderful. Sasha was a legend of course. Jax jump roped with her own hair? This talent show was something else.

Then came the runway. Sasha wore the outfit she was crowned Miss Continental in, Anetra and Salina made their own outfits, and there were no misses!

Next up was the critiques. Luxx, Aura, Malaysia, Princess Poppy, Sasha, Salina, Mistress, Robin, Sugar, and Spice were all safe. It was clear that Irene, Amethyst, and Lossey were in the bottom, while Jax, Anetra, and Marcia were in the top. 

In the end, Anetra was the winner of the first challenge, while Irene and Amethyst fell into the bottom two. They faced off to Ariana’s 7 Rings. In the end, Amethyst got to stay while Irene sashayed away.

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RuPaul's Drag Race: "One Night Only" (S15 E01) 5

Next week, the queens will be competing in an acting challenge and the drama appears to be heating up!

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