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RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Two Queens, One Joke (S15 E11)

Another week, another new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race with a controversial ending. This week’s challenge was not for the faint of heart. The queens had to work in comedy duos to make not only RuPaul laugh but the hilarious Ali Wong and TS Madison, too. Here’s how it all went down.

For the mini-challenge, we got a Harlem vogue ball! Sasha Colby gave us everything we wanted and more when it was her time to hit the floor. Anetra also killed it, but was anyone surprised by that? She was in her element. Anetra took the trophy. 

The queens were told they would be participating in a comedy show and were randomly assigned a partner. Sasha was paired with Anetra, Marcia Marcia Marcia was teamed up with Mistress Isabelle Brooks, and Loosey LaDuca and Luxx Noir London were partners, who were fighting earlier that morning. Salina EsTitties was the only queen without a partner, so she could either perform solo or steal from another pairing. She chose Mistress. 

While Anetra didn’t get to pick the pairs after winning the mini-challenge, she did get to make the order. She picked Marcia to go first, then Luxx and Loosey, followed by Sasha and herself, closing with Salina and Mistress. The queens began prepping their comedy routine, but Anetra was struggling with a migraine. 

The comedy duos then had to go run their routines by Michelle Visage and Ali. No one had a real home-run routine at this point. Aneatra and Marcia were struggling a bit, and it was talked about while the queens were getting into drag, so you knew what storyline was coming, right?

It was time for the queens to hit the runway in front of Ru, Michelle, Ali, and TS. I have to say, this was not the best comedy show, right? It was fun to watch Salina shine, but no one else really stood out to me. Plus, I didn’t think Marcia was really that bad? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

On the runway, the category was rip her to shreds. Luxx’s tribute to Ru was great, Sasha looked perfect as always, and I loved the meaning behind Salina’s look. In the end, Loosey and Luxx shared the win while Marcia and Anetra fell into the bottom two. 

The pair faced off to Boss Bitch by Doja Cat and it was an absolute slay, right? There is no excuse why this wasn’t a double shantay. They both absolutely killed it. Why did Ru do this to us? What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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RuPaul's Drag Race: Two Queens, One Joke (S15 E11) 3
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